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Know why Mahadev becomes happy when he hears 'Bam Bam Bhole'

MyJotish Expert Updated 07 Aug 2021 11:58 AM IST
Mahadev blessings
Mahadev blessings - Photo : Google
The month of Shravan has started. It started on July 25 and will end on August 22, the day of Raksha Bandhan. Shravan month is the fifth month of the Hindi year and with this, the rainy season also begins. According to religious beliefs, this month is also considered to have special significance. This month is very much liked by Lord Shiva and devotees dedicate this entire month to the service and worship of Mother Parvati. Many people travel for miles to visit the famous temples of God.

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Whenever the devotees go to see Shiva or when the Kavadias go on a journey, they raise slogans like "Bum Bam Bhole" or "Bol Bam Bam" on the way. Do you know what is the reason for this? If not, then you must read this article till the end. Lord Shiva is seen as a recluse. He is sometimes seen in the forests, sometimes in the mountains, and sometimes in the crematoriums. He always travels here and there. When he wishes, he sits on a mountain in the shade of a tree and starts meditating. His followers and worshipers are also of different types. These include ghosts, vampires, tantriks, gods.

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Lord Shiva is also addressed as Bholenath. He is given the name because Lord Shiva is considered to be very simple and innocent. It is said that it is very easy to please Mahadev. Mahadev becomes happy even with small efforts made with the true faith of his devotees and fulfills all the wishes of his devotee. Devotees do not need any special rituals or musical instruments to please them. We are going to tell you an example of this in detail.
You must be aware that whenever other deities are worshipped, conch shell, bheri, bell, mridang, nagara, etc. are played at the end. It is believed that the deities are pleased with the sound of these instruments. But all these sounds are not necessary for the worship of Shiva. If the devotees want to please Mahadev, they can simply play their cheeks and chant "Bum Bam Bhole", "Bol Bam Bam" or "Bholeshankar". After this, it would be better if the devotees bow down to him with prostrate. It has been told in Shiva Purana that Mahadev can be satisfied by the sound emanating from the mouth.

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“Bam Bam” has been considered as a simple form of Pranava i.e. holy word “Om”. Once when Shiva was talking to his mother Parvati, he explained this thing. He had told that Pranava i.e. the holy word "Om" is the essence of all the Vedas. This word is considered to be the form of Shiva himself. The word "Omkar" has originated from the mouth of Shiva, so it is considered to be his form. Shiva told that Akar has originated from his face towards the north. In the same way, Ukar is born facing west, Makara from the south, Bindu from the east, and Naad from the middle. The word "ॐ" has been formed from the combination of all these. That's why this word has a lot of recognition and remembering this word is like remembering Shiva himself. 

"Bam Bam" holds so much recognition because of its simple form.

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