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Kundali Matchmaking

Myjyotish Expert Updated 14 Jan 2021 07:18 PM IST
Kundali Match Making
Kundali Match Making - Photo : Myjyotish
Kundli Milan or Kundli matchmaking is a very old tradition of horoscope matching to test the success and compatibility of a marriage. It is utilized especially in India because marriages are arranged and therefore elders in the family check horoscopes of the boy and girl to see if their kundli will compliment each other or not. It is said that different planets and their positions influence us throughout our life, and that ‘prabhav’ (influence) depends on the distance between the earth and those planets plus their positions at the moment we were born. These influences may be good or bad, permanent or temporary.

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The positions of planets, stars and the moon are taken into consideration to finally make a kundli or ‘kundli patrika’. The only thing one needs to make their kundli is their date of birth, time of birth and location. These kundlis represent different aspects of our lives in the form of ‘homes’ which are known as grihas. These grihas consist ‘grahas’ which are planets, and their positions in the ‘homes’ are determined by the aforementioned information, IE- date of birth, time and location.
Planets keep moving therefore their influence may become weak, but that also means that they will reappear again in life, therefore bringing the same influence back in your life. This moment of reappearance or ‘dasha’ influence the probabilities of certain events taking place in your life, such as marriage, getting a job, child birth, changing a house, etc. When dasha indicates a good probability of a certain event taking place, it is called ‘yog’. One might hear from a friend that their ‘yog is still a few months away’, that means that the positions of the planets haven’t reached a position to influence an event positively or for it to take place at all.
Not everyone believes in astrology but the process of calculating kundlis has been called scientific and mathematical by many astrologers. We also cannot deny the fact that millions of Indians religiously follow astrology and in fact, there are people who refer to astrologers before taking any major decisions. After reading about how precise and complex the process is to make your kundli patrika- one gets an idea of why it is important to match the kundlis of two people who might spend their life together. When a position of one planet can drastically influence one person, we can only assume what would happen when the lives of two people are taken into consideration. A man and a wife are meant to stay forever once they get married, therefore it only makes sense that their kundlis should compliment each other.
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