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Why is kundali matchmaking significant in India ?

Myjyotish Expert Updated 14 Jan 2021 07:25 PM IST
Kundli Matching
Kundli Matching - Photo : Myjyotish
Kundali or Horoscope is an astrological chart that is manually generated and used by pandits and astrological practitioners to gain some insight into a person’s future, life, and even personality.  In a Kundali, an individual’s date of birth and time of birth, as well as their names and place of birth is taken and the positions of the plants, sun and moon is calculated for that day. This is called a Janam Kundali and is considered very important to understand to explain events encountered or may encounter by the individual. 

Another type of Kundali which is very common important for Hindu’s is the Marriage Kundali or Vivah Kundali. This is also just generally called Astrology Kundali. Astrology Kundali showcases facts about daily horoscope, marriage compatibility with another individual, future predictions, and several other such information. 

In Hinduism, matching the kundali of two people before proceeding with their marriage is very important. The date of birth/time/place is considered important factors and astrologers try to determine if the two persons are a match or not. 

Marriage is very sacred in Hinduism. It is the beginning of a new life together of two people, who have to spend the rest of their loves with each other. There are often various rituals that go behind the preparation of marriage, but matching Kundali’s has held immense importance since Vedic times. In the ‘Kundali Milan’ the position of the Moon plays an important role, as it provides the ‘Janam Rashi’ (moon sign) and the ‘Nakshatra’ or constellation. 

The process of Kundali Matching is also called ‘Gun Milan’, it is the matching of 36 different qualities of the man and woman with each other. For marriage if 18 out of 36 matches i.e., half of the qualities match, then the marriage is permitted by the Astrologers. 

Under matching the Kundali’s of two individuals, there are several considerations taken by the astrologers, which are as follows- 
1. Kundali Types- Reading a Kundali is very extensive and can go very in-depth. There are several different types of Kundali readings done- 
a) Lagna/ Marriage Kundali Chart- for compatibility for marriage 
b) Chandra Kundali- a chart made based on the house where moon is placed  
c) Navamsa- is 1/9 which is a division of sign. 
d) Chalit Kundali Chart- shows the position of planets in houses. 
2. Yog- Yog is the positive impacts of plants in a person’s kundali. Yog can be both auspicious as well as inauspicious, when Yog is inauspicious, it is called a Dosha. There are remedies for Dosha’s too. 
Yog is formed by mapping out of the planets at the time of their birth. The houses in which the planets are determine the Yog or Dosha. 
3. Dosha 
4. Dasha
5. Ascendent 
6. Houses in Kundali 
7. Kundli 
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