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Why is kundali matching important ?

Myjyotish Expert Updated 23 Dec 2020 12:50 PM IST
Astrology - Photo : Myjyotish

Kundali Milan is a practise that has been performed in India since ancient times. It is a crucial step taken before finalising the marriage of two individuals in india. It is the process where the birth charts of two potential spouses are matched to check their compatibility. Now, most of us might not know the reason behind the art of kundali matching. Read on to find out the reason behind this ancient practise

  • To check marriage compatibility :In hindu religion, marriage is considered a sacred union that the couple should abide by not just in their current lives but also in the successive lives.The kundali reflects the position of different planets of a person and the effect it may have on their lives. In the shastras, married couples are considered as one entity post marriage and the fate of one is automatically believed to affect the fate of the other. Due to this, kundali milan is considered a vital role in determining the marriage compatibility of the bride and groom before they tie the knot.
  • To know the relationship quotient : The process of kundali milan mainly involves the consideration of Gunas or ashtakoots of the two parties involved. There are eight gunas that are taken into consideration. These are  varna, vyas and tara, yoni, maitri, gana, bhakut and nadi. Each of these gunas have different numeric points which when added sum up to a total of 36. Thus, when all the 36 gunas match, the marriage is said to be perfect. It is, however, quite improbable that all 36 gunas will match and thus, it is the maximum number of matching gunas that  is counted.
  • To forecast mental and physical compatibility : Through kundali matching, people determine the mindset, temper, behaviour, interest and aptitude of the two people involved. Also, the level of physical interest is tested as no marriage will survive if there is not a certain level of desirability amongst the couple for one another health .
  • To anticipate financial conditions : One thing that every parent wants for their kids is financial stability after marriage. They wish to know the job prospects and the kind of financial life the pair will live and even wish to know if the match ensures promotions and prosperity. All this is determined by matching the kundalis of the two prospective partners.
  • To determine family adjustments  : Kundali matching also determines whether the prospective bride and groom can adjust with each other and each other's family after marriage. Moreso, the prospect of them having children can also be determined by the ritual. This is very important when it comes to a harmonious married life as well as the surety of future generations.

So, this is the reason the elderly of the house often insist on getting kundalis matched before marriage as it ensures a couples ‘happily ever after’ .
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