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Importance of Gun Milan before marriage

Myjyotish Expert Updated 14 Jan 2021 07:23 PM IST
Gun Milan
Gun Milan - Photo : Myjyotish
Indian astrology believes that the positions of the stars and planets have a ‘prabhaav’ or influence over our life right from the moment it begins, and therefore a kundli is made for us using our date of birth, time of birth and location. The intensity of the influence will depend on the positions of the planets during the course of our lifetime, and these influences are known to have control over events such as marriage, getting a job, childbirth, moving of houses and other such life related milestones. Kundli can also predict negative events such as health issues, problems with family members, issues in career etc. 

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When we consider all these aspects that are so complex, and have the potential to drastically alter our lives, it becomes important to see whether our kundli will be compatible with the partner we decide to spend our lives with. Each kundli has 36 gunas, and each gunas has points that represent different aspects of our life. Kundli match making is done to test whether these 36 gunas are going to be compatible with the kundli of our spouse. If they are compatible, one may positively expect a happy married life. 

Kundli matchmaking is significant because Indians morally believe that when two people get married, their life becomes one, and therefore their kundlis will also affect each other. The 36 gunas that are matched will test if the partners are compatible with each other, and if they are not, an astrologer can recommend remedies to deal with the unfortunate mismatch. Kundli matchmaking or ‘milan’ also has the potential to gauge their personality traits such as temper, mindsets, interests, behaviour, attitude, etc, and can predict if these traits will work with the traits of their partner’s or not. 

A family is only complete when the parents bear a child, therefore it becomes important to see if the kundlis of both the parents compliments each other enough to show if they will conceive a child or not. The eight guna- naadi, carries maximum points to predict whether a couple will have a child or not, therefore people who wish to want a child in the future should check their kundlis to see if they are compatible with each other. It should be mentioned that in certain cases, the birth of a child under specific positions of the stars and planets may create a ‘dasha’ in one’s kundli, and these dasha’s are known to bring obstacles in one’s life. An astrologer may give remedies the reduce the effects of dasha, but in extreme cases, it might be advised to not go ahead with the marriage if great incompatibility is detected. 

A kundli milan not only predicts the compatibility of two partners in a marriage, but also takes into consideration aspects such as effect on job, life of the partner, life of marriage etc. Kundli milan may not hold concrete proof of what a married couple will face in their life, but when we consider that millions of Indians get their Kundli matchmaking done, the compatibility of kundlis definitely might hold some weight. If you and your partner plan to tie the knot, then get your kundli matched today!
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