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Lal Kitab- Remedies to bring in luck, good health & prosperity

MyJyotish Expert Updated 15 Sep 2021 10:39 AM IST
Lal kitab
Lal kitab - Photo : google
There are remedies given in the Red Book for attaining unending happiness, know some of the remedies and precautions of the Red Book.
According to astrologers, the remedies given in the Red Book are of tantric nature and show immediate effect. But precautions must be taken if following any such thing.

How to strengthen Mercury( Budh garah) with everyday remedies

If these measures are done with full devotion, all their problems and miseries will be lessened and even come to an end immediately. It will also help you to attain different heights.

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Let us know some of the remedies and methods of The Red Book. The precautions of using them are also mentioned below:

Methods of the Red Book to make luck work in your favor:

(1) Go to a nearby temple and offer food to beggars, dogs, or other needy people. If this is not possible, then tie a pot of drinking water for the birds at your home.

(2) Spend at least one rupee per day for benefit of the public or charity. Keep a piggy bank with you in which put a minimum of one rupee every day. At the end of the month, withdraw money from your piggy bank and give it to someone who needs it.

(3) One should abstain from alcohol, meat, and unnecessary violence. Especially when the Dasha (position) of Rahu or Saturn. The use of alcohol or the above-mentioned things might have a negative effect on that person.

(4) To prevent any mishappening, pray to God before going out of your house.
Methods to prevent Critical Heath Issues and Premature Death

(1) Chant this shloka daily, at least once before Lord Hanuman
                      “Naam Pahru Divas Nisi Dhyan Tumhar Kapat.
                        Lochan nij pad jantrit jahan pran kehi baat.”

(2) Chant ‘Mahamrityunjaya’ Mantra regularly. If the disease is in its final stage, then there is no hope.

(3) If there is some time left, then there is a relief. By performing this ritual of chanting one and a half lakhs of Mahamrityunjay, things could be changed but this remedy can be done only if there is time left.

Take these precautions in everyday life

(1) There should not be a Peepal tree around the house because Peepal is inhabited by ghosts.

(2) Even the trees of jasmine, sycamore, shisham, mehndi, acacia, kikar, etc. are inhabited by ghosts especially during the night. One should not go under these trees or any of the aromatic plants.

(3) Do not take any food dropped directly by hand or spilled on the ground or eat any food item given by strangers.

(4) Do not disrespect fire and water. Never crossfire and water.

(5) Women should not go in the middle of the crossroads on the days of menstruation, nor they should go near the jasmine plants or in general any of the aromatic trees.

(6) Before going to the loo in an uninhabited place, forest, etc., it should be ensured that there is no such tree on which negative energies, etc. reside. There must not be any tomb, grave, or graveyard at that place to prevent any mishappenings.


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