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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Lal Kitab Upay: Here are the best remedies mentioned in Lal Kitab for wealth and luck

Lal Kitab Upay: Here are the best remedies mentioned in Lal Kitab for wealth and luck

My jyotish expert Updated 06 Oct 2021 09:35 AM IST
Lal kitab
Lal kitab - Photo : Google
1/7Lal Kitab RemedyFor job, business and wealth growth
Life has become very turbulent due to Corona virus. Many people have lost their jobs, while the business of many has reached the verge of ending. Simplify your life and find solutions to problems in Lal Kitab. Whether it is an issue related to your workplace or related to family life. By doing these remedies of Lal Kitab, luck also starts favouring and paths of getting money also start being made. Let us know about some such measures which can bring prosperity along with happiness and peace in life.
2/7 Business starts to flourish
If there is no success in home or business, then this remedy of Lal Kitab will make your life very easy. For this, all the family members sit together and eat food on the ground. On Saturday, walnut or coconut should be flown in the flowing water of the river. By doing this, the progress of the members of the house will start and there will be success in every field. Along with this, you will also get freedom from troubles.

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3/7 get rid of diseases
If any member of the house is not getting healthy and medicines are not working, then on Sunday, bury square pieces of copper in the ground. By doing this, the patient starts getting better as soon as possible and the medicines also start their work, but keep in mind that do not forget to consult the doctors from time to time.
4/7 Family members start progressing
If there is a problem in increasing wealth, then keep a square piece of silver, a silver bullet and a silver elephant with money in the pocket or wherever you keep money, such as in the vault or cupboard. Before keeping all these, keep them near Mata Lakshmi and pray. By doing this, wealth starts increasing and the family members also progress.
5/7 get rid of debt
If the debt is increasing continuously, then you should give bread to the crow every day. At the same time, before sleeping at night, keep barley in a vessel under the bed on the side of your head. Then distribute barley to the poor in the morning or feed it to animals. By doing this, the financial constraints gradually end and one gets rid of debt, says the beliefs of Lal Kitab.
6/7 Ways to get money are made
If the income is not increasing or the sources of wealth are exhausted, then according to Lal Kitab, keep gold jewellery in front of Goddess Lakshmi on Friday and apply saffron tilak on them, then recite Kanakdhara Stotra. Also, leave the house everyday by applying saffron tilak. By doing this, you will get new opportunities in the job and the way of getting money will start paving.
7/7 Luck seems to give along
If luck is not supporting or wherever you invest money, the work gets spoiled, then go to the nearby or temple, feed the needy and meditate on the ancestors. Also, serve the black dog every day and feed him. By doing this continuously, luck starts favouring you. Along with this, the stuck money also starts to be received.

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