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Learn how to have self control in these two situations to avoid unwanted events

My Jyotish Expert Updated 26 Sep 2021 12:01 PM IST
Self Control
Self Control - Photo : Google
Have Self Control In These Two Situations, Otherwise, You Can Face Unwanted Circumstances
You might find Chanakaya’s Neeti (policies) and principles a little tough but that toughness is what we need to lead an easier life. We might forget about his remarkable policies in our busy and fast-paced life but we can’t deny that his policies are going to help you at every step of your life. Today, in this article we will talk about his ideas based on emotions and how we should control them so as not to be easily manipulated. “Have self-control on your emotions, because mostly when we are vulnerable and emotional, we tend to share even our secrets with others in that state”. This is something Acharya Chankaya believed in and taught his disciples. Because showing our vulnerability means someone can take advantage of it and harm our life in many ways and us. Hence, we need to be alert and conscious of our emotions and should not display them in front of everyone.

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In reality when you are too happy or too sad then both situations have the capacity to put you in an inconvenience. This is because usually in these two situations mainly humans lose their self-control. Many times when you are in some difficulty or are in a bad temperament, you tend to share things with people that you should not otherwise. Even when you are too happy or excited about something then also in sheer excitement you can end up sharing secrets or showing how vulnerable you are.  

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