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Learn inspirational lessons from the life story of Lord Ganesha

My Jyotish Expert Updated 11 Sep 2021 11:26 AM IST
Lessons from Ganesha
Lessons from Ganesha - Photo : Google
Ganesh's own life is an open educational book, read such stories related to Ganpati that show us the right way of health. And let him guide you through the difficult times and the bad times in your life. Now imagine for yourself, if a person can teach us so much, his life can also affect us a lot, and then think that the life of God will not teach us… So, let's find out what other parts of Ganpati's life teach us.

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Ganesh Chaturthi: Know about the use of Akshat during the arrival of Lord Ganesha

  • Where Vinayak was in Mother's service
If one remembers the first story related to the lifetime of Ganesh Ji, then it is the creation of Ganesha by Mata Parvati. It is a story of a time when Mata Parvati had to take a bath but there was no one to guard her door, only when the mother made a baby for herself with a barrel of her own body, that was Ganesha.
Mother Parvati made Ganesh a gatekeeper and ordered no one to enter. Before long, Lord Shiva appeared, and Ganesh refused to let him in. Even after many attempts, when Ganesha did not let Lord Shiva in, knowing that Ganesha was his son, Shiva became angry and cut off Ganesha's head with a weapon.
When the mother saw her son Ganesha with her chest cut off like this, she became very angry and asked Shiva to make Ganesha live again. Shiva then attached the elephant's head to Ganesha's body.

Lesson: In this story, we learn the lesson that no matter what happens, we must do our work unselfishly and without distraction. Without our faith, we should follow the instructions given to our elders in full.
  • Ganesha and Kartikeya competition
It was then that Mata Parvati and King Shankar decided to test their two sons Kartikeya and Ganesha. They both ask their sons to go around the earth three times and promise the winner some very tasty fruit as a reward. Hearing this, Karthikeya went to visit the world sitting on his peacock, but on the other hand, Lord Ganesha began to take rounds around his parents. When asked the reason for this, he said that his land belonged to his own parents, so why should he travel all over the world?

Lesson: In this story, we learn that whatever we have, we have to choose what is most important to them and make them useful, and not without thinking, we have to complain about what we do not have. Apart from that, the story also teaches us to regard our parents as superior.
  • Ved Vyasa and Ganesha broken tooth
King Ganesha himself, at the instigation of the great scholar Ved Vyas, the great Mahabharata manuscript He wrote with his own hands. To write the book, there was an agreement between Vyasa and Ganesha that Vyas would read it and stop and Ganesha would write it again and again. While writing, Lord Ganesha's pen suddenly broke, but so that there was no obstacle in handwriting, Lord Ganesha broke his teeth and used it as a pen.

Lesson: King Ganesha teaches us about this great work that whenever we do any work for the benefit of someone, we should not hold back from sacrificing ourselves or some of our possessions.
  • Learn to control your anger
As soon as the great warrior Parashurama reached the hill of Kailash to meet King Shiva but when Ganesha was forbidden by him to meet King Shiva. Parashurama, quick to anger, summoned Ganesha to fight. In this battle, Parashurama broke Ganesha's left tooth and struck her. As a result, Mama Parvati was furious. He said Parashurama was not satisfied with the blood of the Kshatriyas, so his son wanted to harm Ganesha. Later, Ganesha herself intervened and pleased Mama Parvati. Seeing this compassion of Ganesh ji, Parashuram ji gave him his Parachute.

Lesson: In this famous story of the Puranas, we find a lesson that we need to know how to improve our anger and that of others. If a man learns to deal with health problems with laughter, then he will surely succeed

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