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Learn the rules and benefits of wearing rudraksha in Sawan

My Jyotish Updated 05 Aug 2021 05:30 PM IST
Know the significance and benefits of wearing Rudraksha and seek blessings of Lord Shiva
Know the significance and benefits of wearing Rudraksha and seek blessings of Lord Shiva - Photo : google

Rudraksha is highly recognized in Hinduism. It is considered to be very powerful and effective. As its name suggests, Rudraksha is considered to be a symbol of Rudra, lord Shiva. You must have seen him always wearing a rudraksha garland in shivaji's portrait. It is believed that rudraksha seeds are made of Tears of Shiva. 

According to stories, Mahadev was once in deep penance. When his eyes opened after the penance was over, tears fell from his eyes for some reason. His tears took the form of rudraksha. This is where Rudraksha was created. Rudraksha itself is considered to be the blessings of Shivaji. It is considered to be the most beneficial of holding. It is said that wearing rudraksha liberates a person from all kinds of diseases and sufferings and at the same time attains moksha. 

As you may know, the month of Shravan has started from 25th July and the day of Raksha Bandhan will end on 22nd August. The entire month of Shravan is dedicated to Mahadev. So if you want to wear rudraksha, there will be no better time for him. But you should take utmost care of some rules when wearing rudraksha.

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Auspicious Fruits of Maharudra Abhishek :-

Home - Property is acquired. 

The shadow of the enemies ends. 

In society, respect is attained. 

Sorrows come to an end. 

Lakshmi's residence is always in the house

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The only way to please Shiva Shankar is this Maharudra Abhishek, once in Sawan, removes all the calamities from completing it.  

The month of Sawan is very special for Shiva devotees. This day is no less than a boon for Shiva devotees. All the wishes sought from Shiva in this month are fulfilled. Therefore, shiva of this day is very important in worship. On this day, all the wishes sought from Shiva are fulfilled.

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The following items will be performed by Shiva's Maharudra Abhishek :-

Milk : Home made to stay pleasant and holy 

Yogurt : To avoid family discord and sudden damage    

Honey : For Learning 

Sugar : For the communication of prosperity 

Coconut Water : To remove enemy influence and phantom barrier

Ashes : For the Destruction of Enemies 

Rainwater : For the Destruction of Negative Energies 

Sugarcane Juice : For Lakshmi Attainment      

Ganga Water : To Remove Defects Caused by Planets 

Cannabis : For the attainment of pleasant health 

Ghee : To remove obstacles in business  

To know more about benefits of wearing rudraksh and maharudra abhishek. contact our astrologers now 

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