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Learn why and how Nautapa happens

My Jyotish Expert Updated 17 May 2021 11:07 AM IST
Nautapa 2021
Nautapa 2021 - Photo : Google
Just like every season, every month is sure to come. Similarly, Nautapa is sure to happen every year. Which cannot be avoided, With which we are all aware.

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The beginning of the Nautapa indicates an increase in heat. But have you ever thought that what is the reason for the Nautapa?

Today we will know about its origin, according to astrology : 
As we all see, the Nautapa starts every year in the summer season. Which is starting from 25 May 2021 this time. it is believed that the heat rises on the earth in Nautapa.
What is Nautapa: According to astrology, when the Sun comes in Rohini Nakshatra for 15 days, the first nine days of those fifteen days are the hottest. These initial nine days are known as Nautapa. If there is no rain nor cold air in any way during these nine days, then it is believed that there will be good rain in the coming days.
They cite the old beliefs behind it, which is said - tapai navatpa nava din joy, tau pun barkha puran hoy.

Why this happens: The Sun travels in 12 zodiac 27 constellations. According to astrology, if the sun sits with any planet in the horoscope, it destroys its effect. Moon is the overlord of Rohini Nakshatra. In this case, when the Sun enters Rohini Nakshatra, it increases the temperature by completely eliminating the effects of the lunar coldness. That is, the Earth does not get cold. Due to this, the heat rises more.

During the Nautapa, the rays of the sun come directly to the earth, due to which the temperature increases. Due to this high temperature, a low pressure area is formed in the plains which attracts sea waves. Due to this, chances of cold, storm and rain also appear in many places. During this time, even if the winds blow, but there should be no rain, then the system of rain is made well. Like it is said that only cooked food tastes.

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