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Lets explore the secret of the art of living hidden in every part of Lord Ganpati

MyJyotishExpert Updated 15 Sep 2021 02:39 PM IST
secret of the art of living hidden in every part of Lord Ganpati
secret of the art of living hidden in every part of Lord Ganpati - Photo : My Jyotish Expert
If Lord Ganesha is worshiped for a short while with a dedicated heart, then he becomes pleased and gives desired boon to the devotees. Shri Ganesh is seated on earth in many forms and in many places, there are perfect idols of Ganapati, where the lap of the devotees is filled with happiness and all their problems are solved. Do you know that the secrets of life are hidden in the figure of Ganpati Bappa, who fulfills our every wish? By assimilating which you can make your life easier.

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The secret of the art of living is hidden in every part of the first revered Ganapati. Bappa's form is settled in the minds of the devotees, each devotee assesses his figure according to his wish. The personality of Ganpati Bappa, his figure gives inspiring lessons to all the devotees. Which can bring success on the path of life. The secret of improving their skills and personality is contained in their parts. Let us know these secrets hidden in Bappa's parts….
Lord Ganesha has big ears, hence he is also called Gajakarna and Soupkarna. People with long ears are lucky and have a long life. There is also a secret of Ganeshji's long ears that he listens to everyone, then takes decisions with his intelligence and discretion. This quality teaches us to always be alert during big work. Ganeshji's ear-like soup teaches that just as soup separates bad things from the ear, in the same way, whatever bad things reach your ear, leave it outside. Don't let bad things get into you.
Ganesha's head is very big. According to organ science, people with big heads are capable of leading. Their intellect is sharp. The big head of Ganesha also gives the knowledge that one should keep one's thinking big. Only those who think big reach the pinnacle of success.
single tooth
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Lord Ganesha had a fight with Parshuram during his childhood. In this war, Parashurama broke a tooth of Lord Ganesha with his ax and he came to be known as Ekadanta. Ganeshji made his broken tooth a pen and wrote the entire Mahabharata text with it. This is an introduction to the wisdom of Ganesha. Ganesha teaches from his broken tooth how things should be put to good use. Never get discouraged in any situation.
Little eye
Ganpati's eyes are small. According to organ science, people with small eyes are reflective and serious. The small eyes of Ganesha give us the knowledge that we should take a decision only after examining everything minutely. A person who does this can never be deceived. Of course, everything should be done with care.
The moving trunk of Ganesha every moment gives us the message to be constantly active. It teaches us that one should always be active in life, the person who does this never has to face misery and poverty.

Big belly
Ganji is also called Lambodar because of its big stomach. The reason they are lambdas is that they digest everything good and bad. Take decisions about any matter with caution. According to organ science, a big belly is a symbol of happiness. Ganesha's big stomach gives us the knowledge that we should learn to digest things like food. The person who does this is always happy.

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