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These life lessons from Ramayana can teach you to live life to the fullest, Read to know

My jyotish expert Updated 11 Oct 2021 09:09 PM IST
Lessons from Ramayana
Lessons from Ramayana - Photo : Google
 People get Ramayana recited in their homes, when Ramayana is recited in a temple, they listen with great reverence. Even the Ramayana coming on TV is not only a play made by the artists for the people, but people have full faith in it and as soon as the Ramayana starts, they leave all the work and sit on the TV.

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 More important than worshiping Ram is that the lessons learned from him should be followed in one's life. If Ramayana is understood in the right way then it can give a new direction to your life. You can take life lessons from Ramayana.
The biggest lesson we get from Ramayana is that we should always stay away from evil. Every work should be done with a sincere and good heart. There is a lesson to be learned from Ramayana that no matter how powerful or big the evil is, one day the victory of good is bound to happen. When a person does a bad act, he feels that no one is watching him, but according to Ramayana, when you are involved in a bad act two people are watching him, one he himself and the other Kaal Purush or Ishtadev. Therefore, one should always avoid doing bad deeds.

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Lord Shri Ram renounced the pleasures of the palace and followed his father's orders and took a difficult exile for fourteen years. Along with Lord Shri Ram, Janak's daughter Mata Sita also sacrificed all the pleasures. she discharged the duty of chastity and went to the forest with Lord Shri Ram.
Even the younger brother Lakshmana also left all the pleasures and went along with him to serve him and take care of him. Lakshman's wife Urmila renounced all pleasures by staying away from her husband for fourteen years. Bharat had to take place of Ram but he didn't do the same, instead he said he was a servant of Shri Ram and as a servant he would live and take care of Ayoydhya and palace and not as a king. 

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Bharata's wife Mandvi also lived a life like a Sadhvi, sacrificing all the pleasures. Seeing all this, Shatrudhna also turned away from his wife Sukirti. Despite being born from different mothers, the brothers were so emotionally attached that when one was sent away, the rest also sacrificed their comfort and pleasure. 
This teaches us that we should have a sense of sacrifice towards our family. One should not be always selfish but should support each other in the times of crisis.
We also learn from Ramyana that no one should be seen or treated as superior or inferior. Everyone is equal in the world. While living in the forest, Lord Rama ate the jujube berries of Shabari. They lived in the forest like forest dwellers and tribals. He treated all the tribes alike be it Kewat, Jatayu, Sampati, Shabari, Vanar, Reech etc. He treated humans with the same kind of politeness or even the animals and birds. This sentiment is seen in every character of Ramayana. We should a follow these lessons in our life to make it more meaningful and harmonious.
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