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Know the Mahadasha of the 12th house of horoscope

MyJyotish expert Updated 23 Apr 2021 02:46 PM IST
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The Mahadasha of each house of horoscope gives different fruits. The auspicious and inauspicious effects located in the twelve houses affect the life of the person completely. According to each sense, the description of the effects of Mahadasha can affect the native in this way.

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Condition of lagna

Physical happiness, health, wealth, strength increase. If Lagnesh is Ashtamastha, then there can be physical suffering. If there is a loss of money and conflict with Saturn's aspect in Lagna, there can be opposition.

State of secondment

Physical pain and suffering can be found, but it can also increase wealth. Defamation, loss of life, and opposition from relatives may also have to be endured if the second sin is associated with the planet. In the Mahadasha of Madhyamesh, there can be loss of money in the interior of planets like Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu. When the sin planet becomes second and becomes second, Raj gives fear in his condition. Money can be lost, and the country removed.

If there are auspicious planets in the second house and Dhanesh is also associated with the auspicious planets, then the person achieves good progress in the state of the second house.

Mahadasha of Tirtesh

If Tirtesh is with auspicious planets or is situated with auspicious planets, then there is an increase of courage, courage and valor in the condition and inner state of Tirtesh. Love of siblings is obtained.

If Tritesh is associated with the planets, then differences may arise with the brothers in the sin of the planet. Inauspicious effects are seen more when a sinner becomes a third person. It increases enemies, destroys wealth, and gives arms to arms.

Mahadasha of Chaturth

If the fourth planet is full of sin planets, then there is loss of property, mental accumulation, debates and happiness of the mother.

If the fourth quarter is associated with auspicious planets, then in its condition one gets the happiness of the land, the building, the pleasure of the vehicle and the happiness of the mother.

Mahadasha of Panchamesh

If there are auspicious planets in Panchamesh, then in this case there is benefit of wealth, happiness of children and respect is gained from it. Respect and affection are received from the people. The condition of Panchamesh provides wealth, knowledge and wisdom. Respect for the person increases. But due to being a Markesh for the mother of Panchamesh, the mother can also suffer and suffer.

In the Mahadasha of Panchamesh, problems like fear, sorrow, and problems on children can arise when the sin of the planet is in conflict.

Siddhesh Mahadasha

In the Mahadasha of Sastesh, disease and enemy may be feared. The child may suffer. In the case of Sastesh, the contempt of sinful planets from the state can make you a victim of anger. You may also have to face imprisonment, lawsuit, or illness.

Saptamesh Mahadasha

In the condition of Saptamesh, mourning, physical suffering can be found. If Saptamesh is a sin planet, then in this case a woman may suffer. Stress and separation can also occur in marital life. If the sin of the planet of sin is in the seventh house, the person may have to be deprived of female happiness.

But when full of auspicious planets, it helps to provide married happiness and is able to provide worldly pleasure.

Ashtamesh's Mahadasha

In the case of Ashtamesh, the sin of the planet of sin can cause fear, destruction of wealth from the enemy. The condition of its sinful planets decreases the happiness of women, friends and brothers. Ashtamesh is age place, so its good condition is also helpful in providing long life.

Mahadasha of Navmesh
Religious tendency can be seen in Navamsh's condition. The person is willing to do charity, charity, pilgrimage. Wisdom, when equipped with auspicious planets, promotes prestige.

In the event of Navamsh, when the sin of the planet of sin is in conflict, the father may suffer, righteousness may decline, and money can be destroyed and bonded.

Mahadasha of Dashmesh

In the condition of Dashmesh, wealth and honor are attained. May get Raj Raj Samman. When Dashmesh is associated with sin or low planets, it hurts loved ones, insults, hinders work, degradation and provides remission. If any planet is high or auspicious in the tenth, in the condition of the said planet, luck, respect and respect are attained.

Mahadasha of Ekadesh

Ekadhesh bhava is called the place of profit, so the possibility of getting profit in its condition can be seen. The native gets good benefits from trade and business. He gets respect and fame.

If the benefic sin is associated with planets, then its condition can provide disease. In this, the sin of planets can provide royalty, loss, sorrow and increase the expenses of waste.

Mahadasha of Dwadhesh

The Dwadesh bhava is called the bhava bhava. In the case of expenditure, financial hardship, disease, anxiety can be helpful. In the case of Dwadhesh, the interior of Saturn, Sun or Mars can provide differences with women and children.

In the Mahadasha of Dwadesh, Rahu's inner anger can provide fear of thieves, poison, or fire.

Mahadsaha;s influence lives in a very dramatic way. it can take you from Rags to Riches and vice- versa.
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