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Mahalakshmi Vrat: Know methods to overcome financial crisis

My jyotish expert Updated 21 Sep 2021 01:06 PM IST
Maa Lakshmi
Maa Lakshmi - Photo : Google
This year Mahalakshmi Vrat has started on 14th September and will end on 29th September. It is believed that the people who observe this fast with a sincere heart, all their troubles will go away. Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of luck, fortune, and wealth, and observing this fast can surely do miracles. Read to know the right methods to do observe Lakshmi Vrat. Mahalakshmi fast is said to have special significance in Hinduism. This fast starts every year on Ashtami Tithi of Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha and end on Ashtami Tithi of Ashwin Krishna Paksha

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Know what measures are taken during this time to please Goddess Lakshmi

  • Worship Goddess Lakshmi daily in the morning and evening during Mahalaxmi Vrat. At the time of worship, chant this mantra 'Om Shree Hreem Shree Kamale Kamallaye Prasid Prasid Shree Hreem Shree Mahalakshmyai Namah'. To chant this mantra, you can also use a garland of quartz, dried lotus bead mala, or Rudraksha.
  • These days you can also establish Shree Yantra at home. This yantra is considered to be a factor of wealth growth. If you want, you can also install Kuber Yantra.
  • During Mahalaxmi Vrat, worship Mahalakshmi by keeping silver coins with cowries. Then sprinkle turmeric and saffron on it. Then put the coins in the safe. It is believed that doing so increases wealth and prosperity. 
  • After worshiping Goddess Lakshmi, offer 7 cowries to her. Then bury these shells in any corner of the house. It is believed that there is a possibility of profit from this.
  • If you want to please Mahalakshmi, then definitely worship Lord Vishnu with her. Also chant the mantra Om Mahalakshmyai Namah along with the mantra Om Namo Vasudevaya Namah. It is believed that by doing this, along with Goddess Lakshmi, the blessings of Vishnu ji are also obtained.
  • To get wealth, offer rose flower to Mahalakshmi Ji and then wrap it in a red cloth and keep it in the vault. It is believed that by doing this all the problems related to money can be solved.
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