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Brave warrior of Mewar - Maharana Pratap, Know the tales of his bravery.

My Jyotish Expert Updated 15 Jun 2021 02:04 PM IST
Maharana Pratap Jayanti
Maharana Pratap Jayanti - Photo : Google
Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2021 :-
There are some misconceptions regarding the date of birth of Maharana Pratap. According to the Julian calendar, Maharana Pratap was born on May 9, 1540. Whereas according to the Proleptic Gregorian calendar, his birth is shown on May 19, 1540. Whereas according to the Hindi calendar, Maharana Pratap was born on the third month of Shukla Paksha, the eldest month of Vikram Samvat 1597. Accordingly, according to the English calendar, this year the birth of Maharana Pratap will be celebrated on June 12. We heard the tales of the bravery of Maharana Pratap. Today we will talk about some such bravery stories of his life.

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Maharana Pratap was born on 9 May 1540 in Kumbhalgarh, Mewar. Father was Maharana Uday Pratap Singh and mother was Maharani Jaywanti Bai. Jaywanti Bai was not only the mother but also the guru of Rana Pratap. Leadership quality, valor and courage developed in Rana Pratap under her guidance. Even while playing with the children, he used to prepare the team as a leader and explain the responsibility and role of everyone. In his childhood, he had acquired the ability to use weapons and train army. It was the bravery of Rana Pratap that in the Rana family of Sisodia dynasty, Rana Pratap got the title of 'Maharana' among Bappa Rawal, Rana Hamir, Rana Sanga and Rana Pratap.
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Akbar's diplomacy to bow down to Rana Pratap failed :-
The Mughal rulers were always successful in their policy of breaking the small princely states of India and capturing them. He followed the same policy in Mewar. He broke the Todarmal, Jai Singh etc. of Maharana Pratap's family and merged it with himself. But Maharana Pratap, who was alone, did not bow down. He prepared a new army by training the  Bhils in the jungles. They often used to do training of guerilla warfare. As soon as he saw the Mughal soldiers, suddenly they used to attack them with new skills. Akbar was also troubled by this policy of Maharana.
Why was Akbar ready to give half of  India in exchange of Mewar?
Mewar was very important from the ground level for Akbar who was ruling in Delhi. Because Akbar's merchants had to go through Mewar to trade any commodity from the western area. This task was not possible without conquering Mewar, and Akbar considered it impossible to conquer Mewar during the reign of Rana Pratap. Otherwise, taking advantage of the weaknesses of kings , Akbar had easily captured their princely states. He tried to adopt this policy on Rana Pratap too, but in front of Maharana Pratap's recluse life, all the tricks of Akbar failed, and the power of Maharana was the Bhil army, whose every soldier was ready die for Maharana. Akbar tried 8 times to negotiate with Maharana Pratap, for this he sent Todarmal, Mansingh, Jalal Khan, Korchi, Bhagwan Das. But Maharana Pratap used to answer every proposal with a sword. It is said that once Akbar talked about giving even half of India in exchange for Mewar, but Rana Pratap never bowed to him.

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Why did Abraham Lincoln's mother say this to Rana Pratap?
There is a small but inspiring incident in the context of Maharana Pratap's discussion of Mewar. Once Abraham Lincoln was going on a trip to India, then he asked his mother if he wanted anything from India? Mother, if you get time, then definitely bring some soil from Haldi Ghati. Because the glory of that soil is unmatched. I salute Rana Pratap who rejected Akbar's offer of half India for his small land. I want to see what is there in that soil, which produced so many warriors.
Why did Akbar not come in front of Rana Pratap?
Akbar's 80 thousand army failed to control the 15 thousand soldiers of Mewar in Haldi Ghati 1576. Akbar could never make Rana Pratap a prisoner. Historians say that Maharana Pratap's fighting style was tremendous. The enemy's feet were uprooted due to sudden attacks from his guerilla or double-knock policy. Maharana Pratap was very powerful. Rana Pratap is seven and a half feet high and weighing 120 kg, attacked the enemies with his heavy double-edged sword, he used to cut the soldier with horse with a single blow. It is said that Akbar did not come in front of Maharana Pratap because his structure was small. He was afraid that Rana Pratap would cut him along with the elephant and horse in one blow with his sword.

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Who was 'Ram Prasad' of Maharana Pratap
All the tales of Maharana Pratap's favorite Afghan horse Chetak in the battle of Haldighati are famous, but few people would know that like Chetak, Ram Prasad was also very dear to him. Ram Prasad was actually an elephant. In fact, in those days, a sword was tied in the trunk of the elephant in the fight, due to which the elephants used to cut the soldiers, horses or elephants of enemies. Once Rana Pratap was fighting in a war riding on Ram Prasad, on that day Ram Prasad killed 8 elephants and several horses. Seeing this scene, Akbar ordered Ramprasad to be obtained. The next day Ramprasad was surrounded and caught with the help of 12 elephants. Ram Prasad was tied up and brought to Akbar. Akbar changed the name of Ramprasad to Pir, and instructed the soldiers to make him healthy by feeding him. But in the grief of being separated from Maharana Pratap, Ram Prasad stopped eating and drinking. He died after 28 days due to extreme weakness. This news moved Akbar. He said, how can I make Maharana Pratap's head bow down to me whose elephant did not bow down in front of me.
Death :-

Due to lack of victory over Maharana Pratap, Akbar changed the direction of his business. Maharana Pratap again sat on the throne of Mewar. One day he died in an accident while going for lion hunting. When Akbar got this news, he cried a lot. He sent a letter to Mewar, he wrote, - Maharana Pratap was a very powerful, meritorious and brave king, who never let his pride down. I will be sad for the rest of my life that I am not able defeat him.

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