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Tuesday Fast Story and its Significance

My Jyotish Expert Updated 07 Jun 2021 07:02 PM IST
Tuesday Lord Hanuman Vrat Katha
Tuesday Lord Hanuman Vrat Katha - Photo : Google

In Hinduism, any deity can be worshiped at any time, but all the seven days of the week belong to some deity, whose worship on that day gives special results.

One of them is Tuesday, the day on which fasting makes the life of the devotee happy. As you all are aware that this day belongs to Hanuman Ji, there is such a belief that whoever observes a fast on Tuesday and pleases Bajrangbali. He gets the desired result by the grace of Hanuman Ji. One also becomes free from all kinds of trouble.

Today we will know Tuesday's fasting story

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Tuesday fast story

There was a childless Brahmin couple who used to be very sad that they had no children. one day brahmin went to the forest with a strong longing for children and told his wife that he was going to please Hanuman Ji so that he could get the son. After reaching the forest, he started doing penance. At home, his wife also started fasting on Tuesday and used to Offer bhog to Hanuman Ji every Tuesday. Once the Brahmini could not cook food and could not offer it to Hanuman Ji, then she took a vow that she would remain hungry till the next Tuesday, due to being hungry for the whole six days, the Brahmini became very weak and fell due to dizziness. Then Lord Hanuman Ji appeared to that woman and blessed her to get a son, who would serve her and then gave her the child, that woman named the child, ‘Mangal’ means Tuesday.

After some time the brahmin came home and looking at the boy, he asked who is this? Knowing his wife's words deceitful, the Brahmin thought that his wife was an adulteress. One day, seeing the opportunity, the Brahmin dropped the child into the well, and the Brahmin panicked when the wife asked him at home. Suddenly, Mangal came smiling from behind. The Brahmin was astonished. At night, Hanumanji told him all the stories in his dream, then the Brahmin was very happy. Then the couple started living a life of bliss by keeping a fast on Mangle(Tuesday).

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