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Meditation and healing - a way to deal with life's complications.

Myjyotish Expert Updated 01 Apr 2021 01:21 PM IST
Astrology - Photo : Myjyotish

The sage, Muni, Pir, Prophet, Saint, Mahatmas told mankind a way to get rid of complications. That is Meditation and Healing or Tapasya or Mujahda. The opinions of different religions, religions and creeds worked on the same path, to whom the human and the human beings should be provided an atmosphere of peace. On this, he surfed all his life.

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The method of austerity, meditation Mujahde may have been different, but the aim was to create an atmosphere of Awami Khidmat and Aman o Sukoon. All of them took their blessings from the same God, God God Waheguru, and through Meditation (Mujahde), they reached such a niche that all the Alam e became an example for humanity and lived till the world, people would take the path on their stated path. Will stay.

Mariyada Parushottam be Shri Ram or Shri Krishna ji, Mahatma Buddha or Lord Mahavir ji jain ji, Guru Nanak ji or Prophet Muhammad. Everyone has told their own way to join the same owner, who has adopted that path, he has attained fellah and become a lover of peace forever.

Even today there are such masterful people of this fun who are taking the path of humanity by this way and making their troubles known, this is a means by which the biggest difficulty is solved by the above command because it The path connects the human door directly to the top.

Many times, a person goes into depression due to some of his or her troubles, but despite the treatment, there is no relief, then meditation remains a way that becomes a means of connecting the human being with humanity.

Benefits of meditation and healing
Healing also provides relief to the patient from a dangerous to a dangerous disease, in addition to stomach pain, pain, molar pain and healing in the body pan provides immediate relief. My Healing Has Instant Relaxation.

Benefits Meditation And Healing
I have often seen the same issue of Mary Walid Marhum (late father) that when a patient was suffering from stomach pain, molar pain and head pain, healing and patient would get immediate relief. Whatever I had learned from my father Marhum today, it is his decision that I have reached this point.

In the recent times, Aaliyar Punit Gupta ji has presented a shakkar through Astro Talk, it is really becoming a means of prosperity for the human race. Everyday, through Astro Talk, they talk to the people sitting far away and try to solve their problems with the command of God and they also get relief from the orders of God.

When many people write a good comment or comment for thanks, then the heart that the heart achieves is not the answer. The peace that Kalb gets is greater than any wealth and it feels that maybe it becomes the source of our control and God forgive me.

There is no solution for anyone, neither is my closeness, It is all your love, till now the matter of statistics remains.
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