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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   mental illness and astrology, what's their inter-relation?

2022 Special: Mental illness and astrology - how are they inter related ?

MyJyotish Expert Updated 02 Jan 2022 04:44 PM IST
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In astrology, there are many yogas related to mental diseases, through which it helps to understand the state of mind of a person. Human behavior has many expressions such as anger, aggression, excitement and depression, with each person reacting differently to situations. It will not be easy to classify a disease as mental, the abnormal behavior of a person in a particular situation makes us feel that there is some disturbance at the mental level which needs to be analyzed carefully.

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Moon is considered to be the ruler of the person's state of mind. In astrology, the Moon is also called the factor of the mind. The control of the Moon over mental activities and the imagination of the mind is immense. In order to understand mental diseases due to this reason, the moon is seen prominently. Our mind of the moon is reflected on the brain. In astrology, when the Moon is under the influence of sin, it shows a state of frenzy and stress.
The strong position of Moon in the horoscope is considered favorable for self-confidence. It is mentally strengthening in many cases. Due to its auspicious effect, a person does not get restless and nervous even in difficult situations, on the contrary, being in a weak position of Moon makes the person restless and tense.
Moon being in sin Kartari, Moon being affected by sin planets. Moon becomes weak in the middle of malefic planets and it is not easy to get its favorable effect. The placement of Moon in the 6th, 8th or 12th position of the horoscope also shows a lack of compatibility, due to its effect on the mental condition as well as the health condition, which can also become the main cause of mental stress. The native may show difficulty in expressing his expression. Wherever the Moon is in the horoscope or transit, due to any reason, if the Moon is weak or with sinful effects, then it is natural for it to decrease in its results. Moon being weak in Shadbal, being in a debilitated position in the horoscope, Moon of Krishna Paksha, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu also shows trouble.
Other aspects of astrology-

Apart from the Moon in the horoscope, Mercury, Jupiter are also considered important for the mental state. Apart from this, if the fifth and sixth house of Om in the horoscope are afflicted in any way, then the chances of getting mental illness are high. The effect of Mercury shows the intellectual, nervous system, thought processes, in such a situation, if Mercury is not favorable then it can show mental imbalance. While Gemini sign shows reasoning, Cancer can also affect the person with mental disorder due to the emotions of these zodiac signs. Jupiter becomes the factor of knowledge and when it is afflicted then knowledge is affected mainly in this situation.
Being afflicted or under the influence of these planets in the horoscope indicates the condition of having mental illness. The fifth house of the horoscope also becomes inauspicious for things like intelligence and education, while the effect of Ascendant shows the body when this house and planets are in bad position, then this condition becomes responsible for mental diseases.
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