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Hanuman temple where miracles happen every day, the broken bones of the patients themselves are added

MyJyotish Expert Updated 22 Mar 2022 10:41 AM IST
hanuman temple
hanuman temple - Photo : google
Such a Hanuman temple where miracles happen every day, the broken bones of the patients themselves are added

There are many miraculous temples all over India. Sometimes these miracles can be seen by the devotees themselves. But do you know that there is such a temple of Hanuman ji in Madhya Pradesh where every day devotees become witnesses of the miracles themselves. The miracle happening here is very amazing and unbelievable. The doctor is also surprised by this miracle. This is because in this temple the broken bone of the people gets cured. The local people here tell that many patients also come who are brought in stretchers and ambulances. But by eating the prasad of the medicine found here, he gets cured.

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This temple is located in Mohas village, 35 km from Katni district of Madhya Pradesh. This is the temple of Hanuman ji. Any devotee in this temple. He never comes back empty handed.

Let us tell you that the broken bones of the devotees who come to visit this temple get cured. Due to which all the devotees who come here to have darshan, the number of patients is more. This is the temple of Hanuman ji, so there is a lot of crowd here on Tuesdays and Saturdays. It is said that whoever comes here, Hanuman ji fulfills all their wishes.
This temple of Hanuman ji is also famous by the name of Hanuman temple connecting bones. All the patients who come to this temple are asked to chant the name of Ram as soon as they enter the temple premises. When the devotee becomes engrossed in the name of Ram, then the priests come there and give medicine to the patient. The patient is asked to chew this medicine after chewing it. This medicine is made by mixing different types of herbs. And mainly it has the blessings of Hanuman ji. After taking the medicine, the patient is asked to go home. With the effect of medicine and with the blessings and grace of Hanuman ji, any kind of broken bone of the patient gets attached. Which in itself is no less than a miracle.
The most important thing is that this medicine is given free of cost in this temple. Many devotees make offerings in the donation box according to their wish. Otherwise, no fee of any kind is charged here. Although this medicine is fed every day, but Tuesdays and Saturdays have special significance.

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