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Miraculous remedies for a healthy body, these effective remedies will surely give you a sound health.

my jyotish expert Updated 10 Jul 2021 11:00 AM IST
Miraculous remedies for a healthy body
Miraculous remedies for a healthy body - Photo : google
Whenever someone in family is infested with a disease, all the other family members get worried and develop a sense of mental uneasiness. But following few simple remedies can help us get rid of such health issues easily.

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If any of your family member is unwell, try taking them to the doctor on Monday and the first dose of medicine should be dedicated to Lord shiva along with some money while praying for good health of the patient. There are higher possibilities of person getting healthy again

On every full moon day (Purnima) visit any Lord Shiva’s temple and pray for good health of your family. After this, give away some fruits, sweet and/or money to poor people.

Either on Tuesday or Saturday, take some vermillion(sindoor) from Lord hanuman’s idol and apply of sick person’s forehead, doing this would make them healthy and their heart strong.

 If a diseased person, stands with a glass of water facing eastward in the early morning hour and chants a mantra 21 times, and after doing this he must drink the water while praying for his/her good health then he becomes healthy soon. This ritual has to be done regularly for 7 days beginning from Monday to Sunday.

Chewing 3 fresh Ashoka leaves every morning would make you stress free and your body fit.

If you wish to restore good health of an unwell person, then keep the roots of Sehdei and peepal under their pillow.

If a person is suffering a lot due to an ailment, then make a roti out of barley flour, black sesame seeds and mustard oil; revolve it 7 times over the patient’s head and administer it to a buffalo.

Whenever the sun enters Aries (13-15 April), every family member (irrespective of age) must eat a mixture made with young neem leaves, jaggery and Masoor every morning. Practicing it every day would keep the family disease-free all year round.

If a person is suffering from a disease for a very long time, then he/she must be shifted to room located in southeast direction of house with their head in the southward direction; their medicines and water should be kept in North-east direction. Also make sure that the person eats takes his medicine, food and water facing eastwards.

If some person is suffering from prolonged illness, then keep a ruby under his/her pillow, this would make them healthier soon.

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