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Mother Mundeshwari temple and Satvick Sacrifices

My Jyotish Expert Updated 06 Jun 2021 11:21 AM IST
mundeshwari temple
mundeshwari temple - Photo : google

Know in which temple of mother is the miraculous sattvik sacrificed:


This ancient temple of Mundeshwari Bhavani is situated on the Panvara hill of Ramgarh village in Kaimur district of Bihar. This temple is built at an altitude of about 600 feet. There are many ancient historical temples of the Goddess in India. Similarly, the temple of Maa Mundeshwari is considered to be one of the oldest temples of the Goddess. Maa Durga sits in Vaishnavi form in the temple. And the idol of Varahi Devi is installed in the temple, whose vehicle is Mahish ie Bhaisa. The Archaeological Department also gives evidence that they have got inscriptions from the temple between 389 AD. The carvings and sculptures of the temple of Mundeshwari Bhavani are of the post-Gupta period. This is an octagonal temple made of stone.


Why this temple is famous by the name of Mundeshwari:


It is believed that when the goddess came here to kill the demons named Chand- mund, after the destruction of Chand, the mund was hiding in this hill while fighting. And in the end the goddess had also killed the mund at the top of this hill. Therefore, this temple of Goddess is famous as Mundeshwari. Today, the temple is built with black stone and three-and-a-half-feet statue of Mother riding on a buffalo is erected and worshiped in the south facing form.


The amazing Panchmukhi Shivling is also enshrined:


Panchmukhi Shivling is also installed in the central part of this temple of Mother. This is not an ordinary Shivling. The special thing about this Shivling is that the stone made from this Panchmukhi Shivling changes the color of the stone along with the position of the Sun. This Shivling changes color three times a day.

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This Kalashtami ancient Kalabhairav temple will be built in Delhi due to worship and offerings: 2 June 2021


Ascension is sacrificed here:


It is the most unique and miraculous thing of this temple that here, goats are offered in animal sacrifices but they are not killed. Not only Hindus but people of other religions also come to this temple to offer sacrifices and witness themselves by this miracle of Mother.


This Satvik tradition of sacrificing is not seen anywhere else in India, in which, when the goat is brought in front of the idol of the mother, the priests touch the idol of the Akshata (rice grains) and throw it on the goat. At the same time the goat falls unconscious, unconscious. After a while, this process of throwing intact is done again. Then the goat stands up and only then is it released.


Muslim families have been the custodians of this temple for years:


It is also very unique and strange that this temple of Maa Durga is being protected by the Muslim family. This talk shows the unity in diversity of India. And states that it is wrong to separate people in the name of religion. Regardless of who you are, if you ask for something from Mundeshwari, then your wish will be fulfilled.

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