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Narak Chaturdashi : Know the reason why Narak Chaturdashi is celebrated

My Jyotish Expert Updated 01 Nov 2021 03:51 PM IST
Narak Chaturdarshi
Narak Chaturdarshi - Photo : google
Narak Chaturdashi 2021: The festival of Diwali is celebrated with pomp all over India, this festival is celebrated for five days, the third day of this festival is considered to be the most important which is known as Diwali.

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During Diwali people come together to light diyas and taste sweet delicacies and pray to God. There are various origin stories of this day, the main ones being the victory of good over evil. While the North celebrates the return of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita to Ayodhya, Narak Chaturdashi is also celebrated on this day. Let us tell you, this festival is also famous as Narka Chaudas or Narka Chaturdashi or Narka Puja.

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The day when Shri Krishna killed Bhaumasura, it was Chaturdashi in the month of Kartik, hence it is also called Naraka Chaturdashi. On this day Shri Krishna killed Bhaumasura i.e. Narakasura and freed about 16 thousand women from his captivity. Due to this happiness, the festival is celebrated by lighting a lamp.

What is worship method
If Yama is worshiped on this day, one gets freedom from the fear of premature death. That is why on this day keep a heap of grains on the left side of the main door of the house. A one-faced lamp of mustard oil should be lit on this, but turn the flame of the lamp towards the south direction.

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