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PM Narendra Modi's Birthday Special: Read his Horoscope Analysis

My Jyotish Expert Updated 17 Sep 2021 12:05 PM IST
Narendra Modi, Birthday
Narendra Modi, Birthday - Photo : Google
Our 14th Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi will celebrate his 71st birthday on 17th September. He was born in the year 1950. According to numerology, people born on the 17th, 8th, and 26th have a radix number 8 and it is said that the planet Saturn has a special effect on people with this number. These people are considered to have a serious nature and they tend to love discipline in their life. The same holds true for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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The importance of radix in numerology is utmost. Just as the zodiac is very important in astrology and without the zodiac, there is no prediction in astrology. Similarly, there is a radix in numerology. A person’s radix is made on the basis of his date of birth and on the basis of this radix all the predictions of numerology are made. On this basis, you can also know how your health will be in the near future and which diseases can trouble you.

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People. with Radix 8 tend to do all their work quietly. No one can guess when this will happen. They do not like to show off at all. Being influenced by the planet Saturn, people of this number are considered to be very hardworking and honest. Nothing is impossible for them as they possess the ability to mold under any circumstance. 

People who are born on the 8th, 17th, or 26th, their radix number is 8 and these people are under the influence of the planet Saturn. These people are likely to come across health problems like blood pressure, headache, liver, bowel problems, and dental issues.

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These people believe in karma more than luck. People with the radix number 8 get success after a lot of hard work. These people are not able to share their hearts with everyone and also tend to have fewer friends. People of this radix have unique thinking. They always do such things that make them immediately come in limelight.

Once the people of this number set a goal, then they make every effort to fulfill it. No matter how many obstacles they have to face to achieve that goal. They don't get discouraged easily. They have a wonderful art of making impossible things become possible. Perhaps their stubborn nature drives them to do so. If they once decide to do something, then no one can shake them from their decision. Their financial condition is generally good as these people do not like to spend money on useless things at all. People with radix number 8 also have a habit of saving money.

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According to astrologers, the natives of Radix number 8 can face any trouble strongly, such people are not afraid of challenges as they try to find a solution to every adversity. Given their determined nature, they tend to move ahead in life. They get a lot of respect and attain a high position.

It should be noted that PM Modi had started many important schemes only on the 8th, 17th and 26th of the month. The sum of all these dates is 8 and according to numerology, it is called radix.

- Date of birth of PM Modi- 17 September ( 1+7=8 )
- Date of oath as the CM of Gujarat for the fourth time- 26 December ( 2+6=8 )
- Campaign date of 2014 Lok Sabha elections - 26 March ( 2+6=8 )
- The date of oath to become Prime Minister for the first time- 26 May ( 2+6=8 )
- The date for the decision of demonetization- 08 November ( 0+8=8 )
- Date of the nomination of PM Modi for Lok Sabha Elections 2019 - 26 April ( 2+6=8 )
- Date of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana - April 8 ( 0+8=8 )
- The date of Pakistan's decision to conduct airstrikes in Balakot - 26 February ( 2+6=8 )
- PM Modi becoming Prime Minister again in the 17th Lok Sabha- (1+7=8)

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