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Narmada Jayanti 2022: know the significance and Muhurta of Narmada Jayanti Story

Prerna PrernaPrerna Prerna Updated 13 Feb 2022 10:43 AM IST
Goddess Gyatri
Goddess Gyatri - Photo : google
Narmada Jayanti 2022 | When is Narmada Jayanti? Significance and Muhurta of Narmada Jayanti Story of Narmada Jayanti | Narmada Jayanti 2022
Special information related to Narmada Jayanti, why and when it is celebrated in Hinduism, the auspicious time for the year 2022, the mythology of Narmada Jayanti and read about its importance.

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Narmada Jayanti 2022- Narmada ji is considered as holy as Ganga. In some states, their worship and recitation are done on a very large scale. In such a situation, Narmada Jayanti has a special place for her devotees. People celebrate it as the birth anniversary of Narmada Ji. According to the Hindu calendar, Narmada Jayanti is celebrated as her birthday on the seventh day of Shukla Paksha of Magha month of the year. It is believed that by circumambulating Narmada Ji, a person becomes the master of Riddhi-Siddhi. By worshipping Narmada Ji, life is filled with prosperity and peace. In the scriptures, there is a mention of them by virtue and supernatural worlds.
Narmada ji purifies the places flowing from Amarkantak and joins Ratnasagar. In this journey, Narmada Ji is seen saving many living beings. Narmada Jayanti is celebrated in the whole of Madhya Pradesh and Amarkantak with a lot of rituals, in these states this festival is considered very important. There is a very famous Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva near the Narmada river. Narmada Ji also has a lot of importance socially, its speciality is clearly visible from the mythology and devotion of the devotees. Mother Narmada is worshipped by the devotees on this day and fasting is observed.
People are seen gathering on the banks of Narmada Ji in the morning. Devotees are seen chanting Bhajan Kirtan while travelling through Shobha Yatra everywhere. On this day special aarti of Mata is performed on the banks and the festival is celebrated on a large scale on the banks of Narmada Ji. After the worship, Prasad is distributed to everyone and this worship can be done by any person, woman, girl etc. Bhandari is organized by the people, due to which virtue is attained. The river is also cleaned by the devotees, people who pollute the rivers incur a lot of sin. We should respect these goddesses from rivers, from which the life of many creatures and mankind has gone.
Let us now know for what reasons Narmada Jayanti is celebrated as this festival.
When and why is Narmada Jayanti celebrated?
There are many reasons to celebrate Narmada Jayanti, behind which many mythological stories and beliefs are hidden. Narmada Jayanti, when the Saptami of Shukla Paksha falls in the month of Magha, is celebrated as this festival. This day is celebrated every year. Narmada Ji is also worshipped by the name Reva.
Now we know why this day is celebrated. According to the belief, bathing in Narmada Ji is considered as holy as bathing in the Ganges. On this day, devotees celebrate this day for the purification of body and mind by destroying their sins. It is also said that this bath leads to the attainment of virtue. At the same time, according to a legend, a king named Hiranyateja had done a hard penance to please Lord Shiva for fourteen thousand divine years. Due to this Lord Shiva had asked him to ask for a boon.
Then the king had said that by sending Narmada Ji to the earth, save the creatures and mankind. In this river, the king had also offered sacrifices to his ancestors. Then, after saying that he was a friend of Shiva, he was pleased and gave this boon to King Hiranyateja. At that time Mata Narmada Ji left on earth riding on a crocodile and after going to Udayachal mountain started flowing from north to west direction. For this reason, this day is celebrated with great faith as Narmada Jayanti.
Mythology related to Narmada Jayanti
Mother Narmada is mentioned in Rewakhand under the Skanda Purana of Hindus. According to the legend, Lord Shiva was doing penance on Mount Metal, which is today known as Amarkantak, after destroying the demon named darkness. At that time the gods prayed to Lord Vishnu and sought help to get rid of the evil deeds being done on the path of unrighteousness. At that time Lord Vishnu had spoken to Mahadev Ji for a solution. When Lord Vishnu was requesting a solution, only a drop of water fell on the earth from the beautiful Somkala on Shiva's head. After that drop of water was transformed into a lovely girl.
Seeing this wonderful form of the girl, all the gods started praising the girl. At the same time, Lord Shiva gave him the boon of immortality by calling him Narmada and saying that no catastrophe can do anything for you. Narmada Ji is also known by the name of Somobhadva only because Narmada Ji appeared from the Somkala of Lord Shiva. The name Mekalsuta of Narmada ji was derived from the origin of Mekal mountain i.e. Amarkantak.
Narmada Ji is very much liked by the devotees due to the quality of her fickle impulse and due to this, she has got the famous name, Reva. It has been written by sage Vashisht that Narmada Ji appeared on Sundays at the time of Saptami, Makarashigat and Ashwin Nakshatra of Magh Shukla Paksha, due to which this day is considered very sacred and is celebrated by giving the name of Narmada Jayanti.
Read about Narmada Jayanti of the year 2022
In the year 2022, Narmada Jayanti is going to be celebrated on the 7th of February and this day is Monday. Worshipping Narmada Ji on the Saptami day of this Shukla Paksha gives manifold results as compared to normal worship. Hence knowing about the duration of Saptami Tithi
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