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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Navratri 2021: What to do and what not to do in Navratri to impress Goddess Durga

Navratri 2021: What to do and what not to do in Navratri to impress Goddess Durga

My jyotish Updated 09 Oct 2021 02:45 PM IST
Durga Mata
Durga Mata - Photo : Google
Worshiping the nine forms of Maa brings happiness and peace in the house and fulfills all the wishes of the devotees. There are also some rules and religious beliefs regarding fasting for nine days of Navratri, which are necessary to be followed. If you do contrary to the rules, Mother Goddess can become angry. According to the scriptures, if one gets the grace of Mother Queen by following these rules and the wish is fulfilled. Know which rules are necessary to follow-

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The great festival of Shardiya Navratri has started from today and will continue till October 14. This time Navratri is of 8 days only. Worship of Mother Goddess has special significance on this festival in Hinduism. In this, after the installation of the Kalash, the devotees duly worship the mother. At the time of Navratri, there is an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm in the homes. The 9 days of Navratri are very important for the devotees of Maa. Therefore, special care should be taken of some rules in the worship of the mother. It has been told in the scriptures that special attention is needed while worshiping Maa Durga in Navratri

Avoid eating these food items while observing Navratri fast

What you should avoid doing during Navratri
According to Vishnu Purana, sleeping during the day is considered taboo during Navratri.
1. Akhand Jyoti: Although during the days of Navratri, the Akhand Jyoti is lit in every Hindu's house with worship, worship, but if you light the Akhand Jyoti in 9 earthen lamps in front of her to please the Goddess, then Gets special results. Keep in mind that this flame should not be extinguished. Whatever the resolution, take water in your hand and leave it near the lamp.
2. Worship Hanuman ji: Worship Hanuman ji every day during Navratri. During this, keep long and batasa in betel leaf and offer it to Hanuman ji. By doing this one will get freedom from all kinds of troubles and wishes will be fulfilled.
3. Do these things to offer to Mother Goddess: Every day during Navratri, keep five dry fruits in Chunari and offer them to Mother Goddess. Worship the Mother Goddess by burning incense. By doing this, Durga Maa will fulfill her unfulfilled wish. Also, there will be happiness and prosperity in your house.
4. Offer Bhog: Offer seven cardamom and sugar candy to the Goddess every day during Navratri. By offering Long and Batasa in fresh betel leaves to Durga Maa, she is pleased and gives the boon of happiness and splendor.
5. Chant this mantra: During Navratri, carrying Rudraksh or red sandalwood garland, chanting the mantra Om Durgaye Namah every day, the Goddess is pleased and fulfills every wish.
6. Donate to the needy: During the worship of Navratri, keep coins with Makhana and offer it to Maa Durga. After worship, distribute it to the needy. Offer prasad daily by going to the temple and give this prasad to the poor. Doing so will also be beneficial.

Know all the important details related to Navratri.

Don't forget to do these six things in Navratri
1- Do not hurt the heart of girls-
In Indian tradition, girls are considered as the form of Maa Durga. This is the reason that by worshiping Kanya or Kanjaka in Navratri, people attain virtue. It is believed that during Navratas, do not let any feeling of disrespect come towards any girl or woman. Even in the scriptures it is said that Yatra Naryastu Pujayante Ramante Tatra Devta. Maa Durga can get angry if any girl is insulted.
2- Don't leave home alone
If you have established a kalash or a mother's post or Akhand Jyoti in the house, then do not leave the house empty. That is, it is very important to have someone in the house. Also, it is forbidden to sleep during the day during fasting.
3- Stay away from discord-
Many people are in fasting during Navratri, in such a situation, one should avoid quarreling. Because due to discord, the soul of the fasting person gets hurt, due to which the mother goddess can become angry. In such a situation, try to stay away from all kinds of arguments. It has also been said in Shri Ram Charit Manas that "Where sumati tahan sampati nana. Where kumati tah vipati nidana." Laxmi does not stay in a house of fighting.

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4- Concentrate on religious matters
It is believed that one who observes the fast for nine days of Navratri should not spend his time in fidgeting matters and should study religious texts. One can recite Durga Chalisa or Durga Saptasati on these days.
5 - Do not consume garlic onion
Special care should be taken of sattvikta during the holy days of Navratri. It is necessary to have sattvikta in your diet, behavior and thoughts, only then you will get the full benefits of fasting during Navratri. You should not consume onion garlic and meat liquor these days. Complete sattvik diet should be taken for nine days of Navratri.
6- Control the lust-
During Navratri, it is very important to keep control of the work feeling. In these days, both men and women should follow celibacy. The mother is pleased only by worshiping the mother with a clean heart, so these days physical relations should not be made.

Bring these things home in Navratri, to experience the grace of Maa Lakshmi and to live a prosperous life.

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