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Navratri 2021: Worship Ma Chandraghanta This Way On The Third Day of Navratri

My Jyotish Expert Updated 08 Oct 2021 04:02 PM IST
Mata Chandraghanta
Mata Chandraghanta - Photo : Google
The festival Navratri is being celebrated across the country. During the nine days of Navratri, nine forms of the mother are worshipped. On the third day of Navratri, the third form of mother, Goddess Chandraghanta is worshipped.

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Chandraghanta Puja and Kushmanda Puja must be performed. Goddess Chandraghanta is the third avatar of Goddess Durga who is fierce and 10-armed with anger.

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As per the religious beliefs, Mata Chandraghanta is said to be the slayer of demons. It is believed that the mother has kept a trident, sword, and mace in her hands to remove the sorrows of her devotees. The hour-shaped crescent is made on the forehead of Mata Chandraghanta, due to which the devotee is called Chandraghanta. Let us know the worship method, its importance, and the story of the third day of Navratri

An hourglass-shaped crescent is adorned on the forehead of the mother. That is why he is known as Chandraghanta. His vehicle is a lion and has ten hands. In her four hands, she holds a lotus flower, bow, chanting garland, and arrows. The fifth hand remains in Abhaya Mudra. At the same time, there is a trident, mace, kamandal, and sword in four hands. The fifth hand remains in Varada Mudra. It is believed that this form of the mother is very beneficial for the devotees. She is served kheer and sweets made from milk and, on the other hand, the fourth form Goddess Kushmanda is offered Malpua as bhog.

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How to worship Maa Chandraghanta:
While worshiping Maa Chandraghanta on this day, put a statue or picture of Mata Chandraghanta. Then do purification with Gangajal or cow urine. After this, put a pot of silver, copper, or clay on the post. Put coconut on it. Then take a vow of worship. Then worship all the deities including Mother Chandraghanta through Vedic and Saptashati mantras. During worship, invocation, asana, padya, adhya, achaman, bath, clothing, good luck formula, sandalwood, roli, turmeric, vermilion, durva, bilvapatra, ornament, flower-necklace, aromatic substance, incense-lamp, naivedya, fruit, paan, Do Dakshina, Aarti, Pradakshina, Mantrapushpanjali, etc. Then distribute the prasad among all.

Maa Chandraghanta Vrat Story
Maa Durga took the form of Maa Chandraghanta to eliminate the terror of the demons. A demon named Mahishasura had usurped the throne of Devraj Indra. He wanted to rule heaven. Knowing this desire of his, the deities became very worried. The gods sought the help of Tridev i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh for this trouble. Hearing this, Tridev became furious. Due to this anger, a goddess was born out of the energy generated from the mouths of all three. Lord Shankar gave him his trident and Lord Vishnu his chakra. Then in the same way all the other deities also handed over their weapons to the mother. At the same time, Indra gave his mother an hour. After this Mother Chandraghanta came to kill Mahishasura. Seeing this form of the mother, Mahishasura realized that its time is near. Mahishasura attacked Mata Rani. Then Mother Chandraghanta killed Mahishasura. Thus the mother protected the gods.

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Navratri Third-Day Chandraghanta Mantras:-

Om Devi Chandraghantayai Namah

Om Devi Chandraghantayayi Namah Pindaj Pravaarudh chandkopastrkairyuta

Prasadam Tanute Madhyam Chandraghanteti vishrutaa

Dhayan mantra for Chandraghanta Puja:-

Pindaj Pravara Rudha Chand Kopastra Keyurta |

Prasadam Tanute Maham Chandra Ghanteti Vishruta ||

Beej Mantra:-

|| Om Hreem Kleem Shreem Chandraghantai Namah ||

At the end of the mantra, the Vidhi is followed by aarti and then prasad is distributed among others.

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