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Nazar Dosh - Read to know why it happens and tips to ward off Nazar Dosh(Evil Eye)

My Jyotish Expert Updated 16 Sep 2021 09:32 AM IST
Nazar Dosh- ward off evil eye
Nazar Dosh- ward off evil eye - Photo : Google
When someone's thinking, nature and contact negatively affect us, then we call it sighting. Our health, thinking and progress get interrupted for a while due to eyesight. This blockage is very fast and immediately stops everything without any reason. Sometimes a person also falls very ill and the reason is not known. This is the reason why it is always advised to avoid blindness.

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the point when somebody's reasoning, nature and contact negatively affects us, then, at that point we call it locating. Our wellbeing, thinking and progress get hindered for some time because of vision. This blockage is extremely quick and promptly quits everything with no excuse. Once in a while, an individual likewise falls exceptionally sick and the explanation isn't known. This is the motivation behind why it is constantly encouraged to keep away from visual deficiency

There is a side effect when there is a problem of vision defect in the house-
If there is an eye defect in the house, without any reason the house feels heavy and the person does not feel like in the house.
Mutual discord and anguish increase among the people of the house.
If there is a defect in the house, then money gets spent on diseases.
Generally, there may be ups and downs in employment from time to time.
Especially at night, you start feeling sick.
The children of the family keep fighting and quarrelling with each other, love is not able to stay in them.

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• To avoid Nazar dosh, do these measures-
- Do not allow garbage to accumulate in the house without any reason.
- Light a lamp every evening at the place of worship of the house.
- Light incense sticks of Guggal or sandalwood in the house every morning and evening.
- Put a red swastika on the door of every room of the house.
- Recite Hanuman Chalisa at home every evening.

• What to do when there is a problem of Nazar dosh in work or employment-
• Due to the defect in employment, the job always seems to be lost again and again.
•  Have to live without a job for a long time.
• Due to the fault on the business, the work comes to a standstill.
• For no reason, it seems that the business will be closed.
• The money invested in the business gets stuck or any partner commits dishonesty.

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• To avoid Nazar dosh do these measures-
- Wear an iron ring on the middle finger of the left hand in the evening.
- Every morning while leaving the house, eat jaggery and leave.
- Keep your work table as clean as possible.

• What are the side effects if a person has been sighted?
- A person becomes ill without any reason.
- Both the cause and the remedy are not understood.
- The person's mind becomes disturbed and spoiled without any reason.
Sometimes a person starts spoiling his relationships and things himself.

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• Take measures-
- Whenever this occurs, trim a portion of your hair or shave it.
- After this, take a bath by pouring kewra water.
- Chew 1 or 2 seeds of red chilli.
- Use the fragrance of sandalwood to always stay away from Nazar Dosh.
-  While going our follow eating jaggery.

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