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Numerology Study of USA - Nisha Ghai

Nisha Ghai Updated 20 Mar 2021 05:13 PM IST
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 USA The Country was born on 4th  July 1976 

On 4th July in 1776,  American independence was declared and the US was born! . The world’s third largest country in terms of population density;

USA Number 4  Lord Rahu 

Life path   Number 5 Lord Mercury 

Number 4 represents ,  collecting knowledge  , popularity , Scientists and Stunning events . The number 4 makes  progress through life slowly   and then gets  stable and steady rather than erratic or unpredictable .

America’s Life path Number 32 = 5 it’s a balancing and auspicious number   . It  provides the basic building blocks of life as  foundations  to grow and to be  strong .  Number 32 fight for progress and the championing of a good cause. It represents for Large Community and committee of nations . They have there own ideas.

Number 5 has  inherent talents for organization and structure and doesn’t mind delegating, sharing and teaching what it knows. It’s an politician number which speaks about balance and diplomacy , communication, national and international transportation, information technology  and broadcasting systems,  relation with neighboring countries and heavy industries.

Expression Number 3 Lord Jupitar .The Number 3 reveals expansion, knowledge, finances ,   playful, fun-loving and artistic expression! USA has famous film industry Hollywood and digital Industry of millennium . Some of the greatest creative change-makers have been American. 

Number 3 is  number of money and expansion. A leader and creator.  Number 3 have positive effects for the general public wellness, The influence of Jupiter  can work well for the betterment of the overall economy. Since number 3 is  number of finance and revenue . Government is likely to remain much concerned about increasing revenue,  Improvement in country’s  security schemes, stock exchange and other related activities.

 The name USA comes  to number 10, which is ruled by planet  Sun who  is a ruler of planetary system, Gives fame, leadership Loyalty  .  Astrologically, Sun is the planet which signifies government and  politicians.  This number signifies prestige, self confidence , ambition and popularity. This country is  famous , is stable, determined and dedicated.   

As United States of America  Number comes to  77, which is yet again a powerful number, which shows the universal presence of the country in all matters. 

It’s a unique and fascinating country, relatively young in the world,  full of prospective.

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