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Observe this fast to give your progenitors complete freedom from the punishment of yamraj, read to know

my Jyotish Expert Updated 29 Sep 2021 10:35 AM IST
freedom from punishment of Yamraj
freedom from punishment of Yamraj - Photo : google
Fasting has an extremely huge place in Hinduism. Ekadashi fast comes twice every month. This year the Ekadashi quick of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month is on 2 October. The Indira Ekadashi is the Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month. This Ekadashi date is in Pitru Paksha. By keeping fast on Indira Ekadashi Tithi and worshipping Lord Vishnu, the spirits of predecessors get harmony. It is said that because of the impact of the Indira Ekadashi fast, the precursors get independence from Ekadashi the punishment of Yamraj in Yamlok.

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As indicated by the Hindi Panchang, the Ekadashi date of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month will start from 11:03 pm on Friday, 1 October and it will get completed on Saturday, October 02, at 11.10 pm and this is why Indira Ekadashi fast will be kept on 02 October.

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Importance of Indira Ekadashi fasting

According to strict convictions, the fasting of Indira Ekadashi is viewed as best in every family. Since whoever notices the fast of Indira Ekadashi and devotes its worthy advantages to his progenitors, then, at that point, his precursors who are experiencing the punishment of Yamraj in Yamlok, they get salvation because of its impact

If you keep this fast, your progenitors will be freed from the difficulties of the hell world and they will get a place at the feet of Lord Vishnu. With this, the ancestors are pleased and bless you with happiness, peace, harmony, family development, progress, regard, and status.

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