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Palmistry: know whether you will get respect, fame and money with these lines on your palm

my Jyotish Expert Updated 02 Oct 2021 06:53 PM IST
Palmistry prediction
Palmistry prediction - Photo : My jyotish expert
Due to the correct position of Mount Mercury in the palm, people get a lot of respect and respect from their behavior and work in the society. These people are rich and very impressive and attractive personality. They have an amazing ability to lead.

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1. People who have the Mount of Mercury raised on their palm, they very quickly impress others with their words.
2. The Sun line on the palm is strong and auspicious, a person gets a lot of money, respect and fame in his life.
3.  If a line on the Mount of Sun goes towards the Mount of Mercury, then the person is considered to be a very sharp minded person. Such people are considered very good orators.
4. If the Mount of Mercury is clear and clear in one's palm, then the person gets all the happiness.
5. At the same time, if a line coming out of the Mercury line on the palm of a person meets the Moon mountain, then the fate of the person is considered very strong.
6. There is never any shortage of money in their life. Society gives a lot of respect to such people and gives their consent on everything.
7. The suppressed mount of Mercury is not considered good. There is always a shortage of money in the life of such people.
8.If the Mount of Mercury appears very prominent in the hands of a person, then the person is very clever. Such a mountain is not considered auspicious in palmistry.
9. If a pit is seen on the Mount of Mercury or if this mountain is flattened, then the person may be superstitious. Such people do not get respect in the society. These people are not able to succeed in the work.

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