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Palmistry: Know from the palm lines about the RajYog in your Horoscope

My Jyotish Expert Updated 14 Jun 2021 10:16 AM IST
Palmistry Rajyoga Sign
Palmistry Rajyoga Sign - Photo : Google

According to Samudrik Shastra, the future can be studied by the special signs and physical appearance present in the body of a person. It is true that there are moles, warts and different lines on the palm and forehead in a person's body. All these marks can tell the past and future of that person. When a person gets the support of luck, success kisses his feet. Often you must have seen that many people are lucky and achieve success on the strength of their strong luck. At the same time, some people fail and get frustrated even after working hard. According to palmistry, certain lines and marks in the palm of a person form Raja Yoga, Due to which the person spends his life with royal opulence. Such persons are materially prosperous. They have no shortage of money. So let's know which lines are formed in the palm and what type of physical structure makes a person lucky.

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Such people get great achievement in life:
According to palmistry, a person who has a pylon, arrow, chariot, chakra or flag mark on the very center of the palm, achieves great achievement in life and gets a great opportunity to rule.
Lakshmi always stays with these people:
According to palmistry, in addition to the special mark made on the palm, if there is a mark of chakra, lotus, conch shell and asana in the foot, he gets lifelong happiness. Lakshmi always resides in the house of such people.

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Those with such marks are rich:
According to palmistry, such people who have a mole in the center of their palm, they are very wealthy and lucky. Apart from this, having a mole on the soles of the feet gives respect and respect like a king.
Such people get a lot of success in their life:
According to palmistry, one whose fate line (starting from the wrist to Mount Shani i.e. the middle finger) goes straight, clean and unbroken to Mount Shani, then such a person would get all kinds of worldly happiness, convenience and fame.
Such persons are materially rich
According to Samudrik Shatra, the person whose chest is wide, nose is long and the navel is deep, his life passes like a king. He has no shortage of land and property.
Such persons have a lot of respect in the society:
 According to palmistry, if similar marks like umbrella, fish, or veena are seen forming in your hands or feet, then that person becomes a good and highly respected person.
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