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Palmistry: The future in the Palm of your Hand

my jyotish expert Updated 08 Sep 2021 11:27 AM IST
Palmistry : The future in the Palm of your Hand
Palmistry : The future in the Palm of your Hand - Photo : Google
Palmistry has great importance in astrology. It is believed that a person's future can be gauged with the help of palmistry. In palmistry, the knowledge of a person's hand shape, palm streak, etc. is estimated by the knowledge in astrology. Special information related to this astrology is being given here.

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The important lines in the palm line are a lifeline, heart line, and headline. With the help of these three main lines, a variety of information is obtained in a person's life. Here are all these lines in brief.
Lifeline :
The lifeline in the person's hand is the beginning between the index finger and the thumb and goes to the base of the thumb. If the lifeline is long, it means that the person's health will be better throughout life. On the other hand, if this line is small, it means that the person will have health-related problems. If this line is deep in a person's hand, then the life of the person is easy, if this line is light, there is very little thrill in the person's life. If a person has two or less three lifelines in his hand, then positive energy affects the person
Heartline :
This line is from the index finger to the middle of the shortest finger. If a person's heart line is long, then that person is open-hearted. If this line is too long, then this line reaches both sides of the palm. In such a situation, the person is going to depend on his life partner. If this line is short, then the person is 'self-centered', that is, to pay attention to himself, and if this line is straight and short, it means that the person is not romantic.
Brain line:
This line starts from between the index finger and the thumb and goes down the finger. If this line is simply prolonged, then the person is of good remembrance power. Also, a person is going to think again and again before doing a task. If this streak is too long, that is, both sides of the palm have been reached, then the person is very successful. Such individuals are also generally selfish. If this line is long and straight then the person is very confused. If this streak is curve-shaped, then the person is of a creative and ideal litigant policy. Such a person does not panic in accepting any new idea.
Minor lines in the palm
Apart from the above lines, there are some special lines, which are being described below.
This line is not in the hands of all the person, whichever person has this line in his hand, it is believed that this line represents the success of a person's life. The person who has this line in his hand is creative, confident, and executing his action plan. However, if other lines come on this line, then this disease shows a time of immense failure.
Bracelet Line:
These lines are on a person's wrist. If this line appears clean on the wrist, then the person's life is full of health. If this line is broken in a person's hand, then it is known that the person does not pay special attention to his health. If the second bracelet line in a person's hand is clear - then the person's life is financially successful, and the person consumes all kinds of happiness in his life. If the third bracelet line of a person's wrist is clean, then the person is set in a very respectable form in society.
Children's lines:
These lines are usually under the shortest finger of the hand. With the help of this line, it is understood how responsible a person will be towards his children. The help of this line also shows the health of the child coming.
Fate Line:
This line is located between the palm. With the help of this line, the fate of any person is known. With its help, the crises in the life of any person are anticipated. If this line is in a simple form, then the fate of the person is full of satisfaction, but if this line is broken, then it seems that the fate of the person.
Health line:
This line starts and goes down under the shortest finger of the hand. It is also often known as the 'line of lever'. This line gives information related to a person's nervous system. This shows how a person's health will be.
Love line:
This line is located below the smallest finger. This line can be more than one or less in a person's hand. If these lines are deep and long, it means that the person gives importance to the relationship, if this line is short and light, it means that the person cannot run their marriage relationship for too long.
Ring of Solomon:
It is also called the Jupiter Ring. This line is under the index finger. The person who holds this line can lead and is often in a particular position. Such people are of a sensible and philosophical tendency.
Ring of Saturn:
This line is below the ring finger. It is not usually found in the hands of any person. The person who is found in his hand is of unhappy tendency and more serious personality than necessary.
Ring of Apollo:
This line is below the finger after the ring finger. This line makes a person creative. Although its stay lacks a positive tendency in the person, the person does not need to be disappointed.

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