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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Palmistry: These lines tell about a love affair and married life, read on to know

Palmistry: These lines tell about a love affair and married life, read on to know

My Jyotish Expert Updated 13 Sep 2021 11:06 AM IST
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According to palmistry, a person has a marriage line in his hand, which also shows love affairs and love marriage in luck.

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The marriage line is considered auspicious with clarity and depth. People with a clear marriage line have a beautiful married life. If the marriage line is broken then there is a problem in married life.

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It has been said in Samudrik Shastra that the place of Mount Mercury is under the smallest finger in the palm. There are some dark horizontal lines at the end of Mount Mercury. These are called marriage lines. The love affair and married life of a person are assessed on the basis of the structure of this line. The clearer and clearer this line are, the better the married life is.
It has been told in palmistry that a person can have as many love affairs as there is a horizontal line on the Mount of Mercury in the hand. Blurred and fuzzy lines are not considered. Here the line which is longest and clearest is considered as the marriage line. Other lines are treated as love affairs. If the marriage line is broken or cut, then there is a possibility of divorce. In this situation the possibility of a second marriage also becomes possible.

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 How will married life be, it is also known from this line. If the line is sloping downwards, then there is a lot of trouble in married life. If there are two branches at the beginning of the marriage line, then there is a possibility of breaking the marriage of that person. If a woman has an island sign at the beginning of the marriage line, then she is married by fraud. If the marriage line goes below the ring finger to the sun line, then that person is married to a specific person.
If there is a network of lines in place of Mount Mars and Mount Buddha in the palm, then the loving couple cannot become life partners, but they may have to get separated.
According to palmistry, if the marriage line in the palm of a person is up to the sun line, then such a person is married in a prosperous and prosperous family.
If the marriage line is bent downwards, you may have to face problems in married life. If there are two branches above the marriage line then there is a fear of breaking the marriage life..
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