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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Palmistry:This line on your palm indicates the special grace of maa Lakshmi

Palmistry:This line on your palm indicates the special grace of maa Lakshmi

My Jyotish Expert Updated 16 Nov 2021 06:11 PM IST
Palmistry - Photo : My Jyotish Expert
Money plays an important role in achieving success in life. From education to writing, a person works hard and makes every possible effort to get financial prosperity. Somewhere it is difficult to get a successful and simple life without money. According to palmistry, many ‘yogas’ in the hand tell the position of wealth in the fate of a person.

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The line present in the palm is considered very special. The fate line of a person's palm shows how much success that person will achieve in his life. The person in whose hand this line starts from the lower part of the palm (which we also call the bracelet) and goes upwards to the mount of Shani on the middle finger, that person is considered very lucky. The clear and deep these lines are, that person is very lucky. Know more interesting information about the fate line.
Good Luck Line: People who have more than one fate line on their palm are considered very lucky, they get success everywhere.  Those people in whose hands the fate line comes out of the girdle and directly reaches the mount of Saturn without cutting are considered very lucky. If branches are coming out from the fate line, then it is also considered auspicious

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People whose fate line ends as a ladder, are very hardworking people.Those people on whose hand the fate line ends at the top of the palm, get success in the job. If the fate line starts from the lifeline, then the person gets money by his own hard work. Those people whose palm the fate line starts from the mount of Moon, achieve success with the help of others.

Weak fate line:
If the fate line is wavy then the person may have to face problems in their career. If the fate line is cut by any other line, then the life of such a person remains full of troubles. Such people spend a lot of time in taking any decision. The career of these people is not permanent. Irritability is seen in these people. If the fate line crosses the mount of Saturn and reaches the middle finger, then it is considered inauspicious. Such people have to suffer because of their own mistakes.

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