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Panchak kaal started from 28 June never do these 5 things during this kaal

my jyotish expert Updated 30 Jun 2021 01:18 PM IST
Panchak 2021
Panchak 2021 - Photo : google
Panchak Kaal Date: The panchak period has started from 28th June this year.  Panchak period is considered very important in Sanatan Dharma. This Panchak period will last from 28 June to 3 July. The Panchak period is not considered auspicious for doing any kind of work. The panchak period begins when Moon travels in the third phase of Dhanishta Nakshatra, Uttara Bhadrapada, Poorvabhadrapada, Revati and Shatabhisha Nakshatra.

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There are also many beliefs related to death in the Panchak period. It is believed that if a death of a  person occurs during the Panchak period, then there is a possibility of death of five other members in his family. To avoid this, there is a provision to cremate the body of the deceased person along with an effigy of Kush during the Panchak period.

According to Garuda Purana, when there is a death of a person during the Panchak period, then the cremation should be done with the oblation of the mantra of the respective constellation. The oblation given according with the law, gives virtuous results. If possible, the cremation should be done in a pilgrimage place during this period. This gives peace to the soul of the deceased.
According to another belief, there is a tradition of celebrating Panchak for five days since the time when Ravana was killed by Lord Rama. Panchak period is considered very inauspicious time in Sanatan Dharma. According to Vedic Astrology, it is forbidden to do any special work on this day.

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Works prohibited during Panchak period
The followers of Sanatan Dharma are forbidden to buy wood during the Panchak period. Putting the roof on while building a house is also considered inauspicious during the Panchak period. Apart from this, building a bed and travelling to the south is also considered inauspicious during this period. From the day when the Panchak period is starting, its name is also decided accordingly. Like, the name of Panchak period which starts on Sunday is called Rog Panchak. The Panchak period which starts on Monday is called Raj Panchak. The name of the Panchak period that started on Tuesday is Agni Panchak.
The Panchak Kaal which starts on Wednesday and Thursday is called Dosh-free Panchak Kaal. At the same time, the Panchak period which starts on Friday is called Chor Panchak. Whereas the Panchak period which starts on Saturday is called Mrityu Panchak.

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