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People of which Nakshatra have special blessings of Lord Brihaspati and Lord Shani

my jyotish expert Updated 13 Jun 2021 01:59 PM IST
Pushya Nakshatra
Pushya Nakshatra - Photo : GOOGLE
According to astrology, it is believed that every person is born in some nakshatra. Every nakshatra has a ruling planet. Today we are going to tell you about one such nakshatra. So let's know about Pushya Nakshatra. According to the beliefs, people born in this nakshatra are always thinking about doing something new and they have to work hard to get success in their work. Where does it also go that the people of this nakshatra are very intelligent. They do their small tasks very thoughtfully.

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Their nature and personality :-

According to astrology, the people of this nakshatra are true lovers. If they love someone, they do not break it quickly and are ready to do anything to fulfill it. These people are very loyal to their friendship. It is said that their nature is very fickle and at the same time they have a very calm and religious nature of mind. They get success in every field of work, but they have to face loss of money.

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Economic condition :-
The people born in these Nakshatras are always blessed by the blessings of vrihaspati and Shani Dev, due to which the financial condition of these people is good.
In which field do they get success?
It is said that the people of this nakshatra are capable of becoming good writers, beautiful poets, great philosophers and literary figures.

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8th Nakshatra is Pushya :-
According to astrology, there are 27 Nakshatras and out of these, Pushya Nakshatra is the 8th Nakshatra. This nakshatra is considered very auspicious and where does the king of all nakshatras go. Lord Shani and vrihaspati are the lord of this nakshatra. It is said that  if any work is done in this nakshatra, then u definitely get success in it. It is believed that womens born in this nakshatra are of religious thoughts and calm mind and at the same time they are compassionate as well as show their interest in doing all kinds of work.
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