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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Pitru Paksha 2021 : Know who has the right to perform 'Pind Daan '

Pitru Paksha 2021 : Know who has the right to perform 'Pind Daan '

My Jyotish Expert Updated 23 Sep 2021 08:11 PM IST
Pitru Paksha 2021
Pitru Paksha 2021 - Photo : Google
Pitru paksha 2021: Know who has got the right to perform ‘PindDaan’, an homage to the departed soul 
The word “Pitru paksha’’ in Sanskrit means ‘The fortnight of ancestors’. Every year the beginning of Pitru paksha is observed on Pratipada (first day of the fortnight) which lasts for almost 16 days. This year, Hrishi Tarpan and Shradhh started from 20th September 2021, the night of the full moon and from the next day i.e. 21st September 2021 the auspicious Pitrupaksha had begun which will continue till 6th October 2021 the new moon day. 

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It is stated in the ethology ‘shastas’ that salvation from hell can only be attained by the son, which is why the son is given the first place to perform all the rituals after the death of a person. Only the son has been considered to be the beholder of the right to perform the salvation ceremony ‘Shraddh’. Then there is a question that arises that what if one has no male child. Who will be given the right to do the PindDaan in such a case? Let us know: 
1. These people have the right to perform the offerings
Pind Daan of father is done by his son. If the deceased has no male descendant then this right goes to his wife and if he doesn’t have a wife also then it will become the responsibility of his brother (by blood) to do these rites in his absence kins or close relatives may do the Pind Daan. 
2. They can do the PindDaan in case of no male child. 

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If there is more than one descendant of the dead person then the right to offer salvation will go to the eldest son among all but if there are only daughters and no son then the daughter’s son (grandson) can be given the right to perform PindDaan of his maternal grandfather. 
3.PindDaan through wife
Grandsons and great-grandsons may also perform the rites for their grandfathers or great grandfathers in the absence of the son whereas a widow could only do this if all the three (son, grandson, great-grandson) are not there to perform the prayers. Likewise, a husband is also supposed to do the same for his wife in case they don’t have any male children.

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 4. Nephew can also be considered in case of no heir
It is stated in the ‘Puranas’ that if the son, grandson, or daughter’s son are not there then the nephew of the deceased could be considered as a beholder of the right of doing the Pind Daan. Besides this, the adopted son is also provided the right of the same.
5.‘Tarpan’ with black sesame seeds
During Pitrupaksha, one should offer the prayers to his ancestors only after taking a bath daily, facing to the south direction, putting a few seeds of black sesame in the water for ‘Tarpan.’

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6. Daughter-in-law (beholder of the right of performing Pinddaan)
In case of death of the male heir, his spouse (wife), the daughter-in-law of the deceased can also do the Pind Daan. It is mentioned in the ‘Gaya PindDaan’ that Lord Rama and his wife Devi Sita, when went for PindDaan of their father King Dashratha, Sita ji had performed all the rites and ultimately it was all done by Devi Sita. From then, it has become a ritual of doing the PindDaan on the sand of river Falgu.

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