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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Pitru Paksha: Find Out Why People Pay Respect To Ancestors During This Period

Pitru Paksha: Find Out Why People Pay Respect To Ancestors During This Period

MyJyotish Expert Updated 01 Oct 2021 06:44 PM IST
pitru paksha 2021
pitru paksha 2021 - Photo : google
According to Brahma Vaivarta Purana, before pleasing the deities, man should please his ancestors. In Hinduism, performing Shradh after death is considered very important. According to the belief, if a person does not perform Shradh and Tarpan properly, then he does not get freedom from this world and he remains in this world in the form of a ghost.

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According to Brahma Vaivarta Purana, before pleasing the deities, man should please his ancestors. According to Hindu astrology also Pitra dosha is considered to be one of the most complex horoscope doshas. For the peace of ancestors, Pitru Paksha Shradh is performed every year from Bhadrapada Shukla Purnima to Ashwin Krishna Amavasya. It is believed that during this time, Yamraj frees the ancestors so that they can take Shradh from their families.
Why is it necessary to perform Shradh?
It is believed that if the father becomes angry, then a person has to face many problems in life. Due to this, there is also a loss of money and problems from the child side. In cases of childlessness, astrologers definitely see Pitra Dosh. Such people must perform Shradh during Pitru Paksha.
What is given in Shradh?
Sesame, rice, barley, etc. are given more importance in Shradh. With this, it is also given in the Puranas that only eligible Brahmins have the right to perform Shradh. Til and Kusha are of utmost importance in Shradh. The food items offered to ancestors in Shradh should be offered in the form of Pindi. Women, including sons, brothers, grandsons, great-grandsons, have the right to perform Shradh.
On which date should Shradh be done?
In simple words, Shradh is to be remembered reverently for the departed relatives on the date of their death. If a family member has died on Pratipada, then their Shradh is performed on the day of Pratipada. Similarly, the same is done on other days as well. There is also some special belief in this subject which are as follows -
Father's Shradh is done on Ashtami day and mother's on Navami day.
Shradh is performed on the day of Chaturdashi for the relatives who died prematurely, that is, due to an accident or suicide.
- Shradh of sadhus and sannyasis is done on the day of Dwadashi.
Shradh of ancestors whose date of death is not remembered is performed on the new moon day. This day is called Sarva Pitru Shradh.
Mythological belief remains incomplete due to the non-receipt of crows in Pitru Paksha
Parenthood has started. People have started performing Shradh and tarpan for their ancestors. At this time, the arrival of crows and taking food is considered an auspicious symbol, but in many places, even crows are now seen as negligible. In such a situation, it can be said that in this festival of faith, the effect of the environment is now being seen. A decade ago, when a crow used to come and rave at the door of the house in the morning, it was believed that a guest was going to come to the house. At the same time, the importance of crows suddenly increases in Pitru Paksha, because it is believed that without giving a bite to the crow, the ancestors are not satisfied.


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