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Rahul Gandhi Kundali Analysis on the occasion of his birthday

MyJyotish Expert Updated 18 Jun 2021 12:19 PM IST
Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi - Photo : Google
Rahul Gandhi is a young and dynamic politician; he is a part of Nehru-Gandhi family. Apart from being the President of the Indian National Congress, he is also a Member of Parliament. Today, we will be analysing his horoscope, let's take a look at his political career.

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Rahul Gandhi was born on Thursday, June 19, 1970 in Delhi. Due to the position of the planets at the time of his birth, he got an inclination towards politics. Astrology says, these are signs of playing a long innings in politics. Rahul Gandhi will soon be emerging as a mature leader. For politicians the 4th house is very important because it represents masses and their opinion.

Rahul Gandhi is also an active political leader to represent Amethi Constituency. Amethi is a well-known city of Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh. Rahul Gandhi is a young Indian Politicians and truly inspires youth of India to come ahead for betterment and development of the country. Rahul aims to accomplish the true of dreams of his father into reality. He is striving best to combat the terror in our country and to bring advancement and empowerment of poor people or villagers. Know more about Rahul Gandhi by knowing his horoscope what challenges he has in future and whether he will get complete success in his political career.

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Rahul Gandhi was born on 19th June 1970 at 505 Hrs. at Delhi. At the time of his birth Taurus ascendant was rising on the eastern horizon and the planetary configuration is as such: Mercury – Taurus, Sun, Mars – Gemini, Venus – Cancer, Ketu – Leo, Pluto, Uranus – Virgo, Jupiter – Libra, Moon, Neptune – Scorpio, Rahu – Aquarius and Saturn in Aries.

Rahul Gandhi’s birth lagna is Taurus and Mercury is placed in it. Lagna represents self or personality. The 7th house is occupied by the Moon. Moon and Mercury are involved in mutual aspect. Whenever this sort of situation is present in the chart it is a clear indication that the person concerned has some doubts about himself or the system which is why he cannot express himself freely.

Lord of lagna is Venus and has occupied the 3rd house. In astrology 3rd, 6th and 11th houses are known to be extra powerful but provide strength to only negative or cruel planets. Whenever a benefic planet like Venus occupies the 3rd house as in the present case, then the person has to prove his worth on many occasions.

As per Rahul Gandhi kundli analysis, the transit of Rahu in Taurus is not that favourable on the health level and in the coming time health issues might emerge. He must stay alert during this time. Ketu transit in Scorpio is also not favorable on health level as it also can create a lot of trouble in day to day life.  As Rahul Gandhi is going through Rahu mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha, the time is not good for his health.

Also, some unexpected health issues might occur in the future. Considering this, The member of Congress - Rahul Gandhi must take care of his health by taking proper food. The transits are not that good and might have to visit hospitals very frequently as well.

As per the Rahul Gandhi future astrology, definitely the future is very good for Congress.Sonia Gandhi sons best time is yet to come in his political career. Saturn transit will give a strong foundation and he will know what are the key things which need to work on very clearly. Jupiter transit will give him a very hopefulness and positivity in all his work strategies. Mars transit will be very promising and receive high motivation to go ahead in life.

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As he is going through Rahu dasha,this dasha will encourage to do courageous and  strong things in political career. When the elections are going to be held, he will be in a stronger period than his present life, which will surely be a great positive period for him.

As per Rahul Gandhi astrology, many more changes in his personal and professional life are going to take place. Even though he has crossed 50 years, still the peak time in his political career is yet to come. In future, Congress will emerge back strongly and his contribution will be enormous which may bring success.

He is at the starting point of something new in his life and this birthday will surely bring many more changes in his life. Definitely, this brings good news for Congress as well.
We wish a very Happy Birthday to Rahul Gandhi and best wishes for the coming year!

Rahul Gandhi's Zodiac Sign-
Rasi/ Moon Sign: Scorpion
Nakshatra or star constellations: Jyeshtha
Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign/ Sun Sign (Western): Gemini
Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign/ Sun Sign (Indian): Gemini
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