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"Rajyog" in your Horoscope - Complete Guide

My Jyotish Expert Updated 28 May 2021 03:48 PM IST
Rajyog in Horoscope
Rajyog in Horoscope - Photo : Google
Know if this Rajyog is in your horoscope, then you can become rich

You may have heard many times that a person has very good luck. Those who have very good luck, for them it does not take long to climb the stairs of success. As per astrology, the Rajyog made in a horoscope can help a person to get success. Rajyog is formed with the combination of some definite planets, and their presence in a particular place, etc. Let's know if you have rajyoga in your horoscope?

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With the help of this yoga, a person makes his fortune rich. The first, second, fifth, ninth, and eleventh houses in the horoscope are money-giving expressions. Money is formed If there is a relationship between the owners, vision, or zodiac changes. The economic life of a person becomes very rich and touches the heights with this rajyoga.

The special thing is that one gets success in the field of spirituality because of this rajyoga.  If Guru Jupiter in your horoscope is in the center of the Moon and does not belong to any cruel planet, then Gaja-Kesari Rajyog is formed in the horoscope. A person attains success in the field of religion and spirituality due to this yoga. Such individuals attain high positions in government services.

If the center house in your horoscope is related to the triangle house, then in such a situation, Parashari Rajyog is formed. With the effect of this yoga in Dasavadhi, you will get wealth and prosperity in your life. You will have all the things like money, wealth, fame, car, bungalow, etc. and you will also get material happiness.

If the lord of the zodiac sign in which the planet is sitting in a horoscope is looking at it, or if the lord of the zodiac sign in which the planet is sitting at the place of the lord is making a Yuti relationship, then the disordered Raja Yoga is created. The person who has this yoga in his horoscope lives like a king.

If  Rahu-Ketu, in addition to the Moon, is situated in the second or twelfth house from the Sun in the horoscope, then there is amphibious yoga in the horoscope. The person with this Raja Yoga has a very good fortune. The nature of such natives is cheerful and intelligent. They easily overcome the biggest obstacles.

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