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Read about this Shiva temple, where the shivling changes it's place

My Jyotish Expert Updated 14 Aug 2021 03:11 PM IST
Nagariya Mandir
Nagariya Mandir - Photo : Google
The month of Sawan is going on. Devotees are absorbed in the devotion of Bholenath. On this occasion, today we will tell you the story of such a temple of Bholenath, which you will be surprised and surprised to hear. There is such a temple of Bholenath, where the Shivling automatically slips or slides and reaches from one place to another. This temple is located in Manipuri city of Uttar Pradesh, which is called Vaneshwar temple. This temple is in the village Nagaria, adjacent to the old Manipuri. To say this is a small temple, but it is very old. Along with this, the stories here are also very interesting and surprising.

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This temple is also known as Nagariya Mandir due to being in the village Nagaria. In the month of Sawan and on Mahashivratri, big events are organized in this temple and all the devotees come here to offer prayers to the Lord. It is believed that the Shivalinga here moves a little from its place every year. If you step into this temple, then you will also see such a sight as soon as you enter the temple, which is not usually seen in Shiva temples. You must have seen the Shivling located under the hour in most of the Shiva temples, but the Shivalinga of the Vaneshwar temple is located at a distance of about two feet. want to cross the special thing is that this Shivling is not at all normal to see, there is a thick crack in the middle of the Shivling. As if someone had hit this Shivling with a sharp object.

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The people there believe that there was a drought in the village about fifty to sixty years ago about the shifting of the Shivling in the temple. Then the villagers worshipped Shiva a lot for rain, but it did not rain. One day, in anger, the priest of the temple, Bhongdanand, inflicted several blows on the Shivling with an axe. It is said that the thick crack present in the Shivling is evidence of the attack of the same axe.
People here believe that from the day this incident happened, from that day this Shivling started moving every year from its place.

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According to the villagers, many times this Shivling came so close to the temple gate that it seemed that it would come out soon. Seeing this scene, people also got scared, but after some time the Shivling again went inside. Local people believe that on the day when this Shivling came outside the door, the world is sure to do holocaust.
It is also said about the Vaneshwar temple that the devotee who takes a vow to offer water to the Shivling for forty consecutive days in this temple and fulfils it, his wish is definitely fulfilled.
However, during those 40 days, Mahadev takes a severe test of his devotee and he has to go through all the troubles during this time. But if he passes this test and fulfils the resolution of Jal Abhishek of Mahadev, then he gets the blessings of Mahadev and his impossible tasks are also completed.

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