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Read everything inspiring and important mentioned in the Garud Puran

myjyotish expert Updated 20 Jul 2021 11:30 AM IST
Read everything inspiring and important mentioned in the Garud Puran
Read everything inspiring and important mentioned in the Garud Puran - Photo : google
We all have questions in our minds about life and death, life after death, what happens to the soul after death, and whatnot. Well! All these of your questions have already been answered in Garuda Purana.It is one of the most important religious texts in Hinduism and has a special place in our Sanatan culture.

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This holy book also mentions the hardships that an unborn baby had to suffer inside a womb. We all are aware of the hardships that a pregnant woman has to face, so let's discuss the troubles of the infant.

According to Garuda Purana, the baby has to undergo many kinds of suffering inside the womb.
After entering the mother's womb, the soul touches the air of death. During this, the soul forgets all the memories of its previous birth. After conception, the soul starts a new life.

The soul has a goal. Karma and rebirth are part of it. The soul has returned to complete unfinished business. In fact, before rebirth, the soul is fully conscious of what it is, what it has accomplished in past lives, and what its mission in the next life is: to make spiritual growth by understanding some life lessons.
There is a reason why a soul (or child) comes into a family. It is either because one or both parents have some karmic connection with the soul. It’s either because there is something that needs to be resolved between the parents and the child or between the child and his/her siblings from past lives.
It doesn't matter whether there's a biological connection or not between parents and children, there's very much a karmic relationship.
According to Garuda Purana, when the mother is conceived a soul enters the womb.

At that time the size of the creature is very small and tiny. After some 10 days it becomes like a plum. Gradually it starts developing inside the womb and it turns into the shape of an egg. This is followed by the development of the embryonic brain. In the second month, the arms of the baby begin to develop.
In the third month, the baby's nails, follicles, penis, skin, bone, and ten holes are formed.
In the fourth month, the baby's flesh, blood, skin, marrow, and bone are ready. Trisha and stomach are formed in the fifth month. In the sixth month, the baby starts moving inside the womb. The baby develops rapidly after receiving the food provided by the mother.
During this, the baby lives inside the womb with excreta, urine, and micro-organisms.
 At this stage of pregnancy, the microorganisms disturb the baby a lot, due to which he faints again and again. During this time, if the mother consumes astringent or spicy food, then the delicate skin of the baby suffers a lot.

In this position, the baby's legs are up and the head is down. Thus, he cannot move. At this stage, he has to face many difficulties.
Garuda Purana mentions that during this time the infant asks God for the forgiveness of his sins and prays to go to his refuge.
As soon as he is born he touches the air of death.
The child again gets tangled in the cycle of Maya, forgetting everything.

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