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Know the reasons behind why water from Conch Shells is not offered to Lord Shiv

my jyotish expert Updated 17 Jul 2021 11:31 AM IST
Know the reasons behind why water from Conch Shells is not offered to Lord Shiv
Know the reasons behind why water from Conch Shells is not offered to Lord Shiv - Photo : google
The Monday of Sawan is also of special importance. This day is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is called Aughaddani. Baba is happy to worship the devotees with his heart and fulfils his wishes. Shankarji is particularly fond of bilvapatra with water, yellow rice.

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Almost all the deities are offered water through conch shells but Lord Shiva is prohibited from doing so.

Conch shells are sacred symbols, but Lord Shiva does not get water from the conch shell. The reason for this It  is mentioned in the Shiv Purana. Let's know the story... 

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According to shivpurana, there was a mighty demon named Shankhachud. Shankhachud daityaraj was the son of snob. When Daityaraj Dabha did not have any children for a long time, he performed hard penance for Lord Vishnu. Pleased with the penance, Vishnu appeared. Vishnuji asked for a groom and then Dambha asked for the groom of a mighty son who was invincible for the three people. Srihari tathastu spoke and became introspective.

Then a son was born to Dambhad, whose name was Shankhachud. Shankhachud performed extreme penance for Brahmaji in Pushkar and pleased him. When Brahma asked for a bridegroom, Shankhachud asked for a bridegroom to be invincible to the gods. Brahmaji spoke tathastu and gave him srikrishnakavach. At the same time, Brahma ordered Shankhachud to marry Tulsi, the daughter of Dharmadhwaj. Then they became introspective.

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 Tulsi and Shankhachud got married at the behest of Brahma. In the blessings of Brahma and Vishnu, Chur Daityaraj Shankhachud established ownership over the three worlds. The gods were distressed and asked Vishnu for help, but they themselves had blessed Dambha with such a son, so they prayed to Shiva. Then Shiva decided to remove the sufferings of the gods and they left. 

But because of the pativrat religion of Sri Krishna Kavach and Tulsi, Shivaji too could not kill him. Then Shiva consumed the conch shell with his trishulu and the conch shell was born from his bones. Since Shankhachud was a Devotee of Vishnu, Lakshmi and Vishnu love the water of the conch shell and there is a legislation to offer water from the conch shell to all the deities. But since Shiva killed him, the water of the conch shell is said to be prohibited to Shiva. That is why Shivaji should not be burnt with conch shells.

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