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Remedies to please Surya Dev

My Jyotish Expert Updated 11 Jun 2021 03:06 PM IST
Remedies to please Surya Dev
Remedies to please Surya Dev - Photo : Google
Sunday is said to be the day of sun god ( lord Surya). This day lord surya dev  is worshiped by everyone through offering him water and sun being a god in Hindu scripture, is also a planet in astrology. He is also consider the most important planet out of all nine planets and it is believed that he is very kind to his devotes. He is also a symbol of knowledge, wisdom and strength and by worshiping him life and job related problems can be solved. It is believed that by fasting on Sunday can grant one a blessing of surya dev and it is said that if someone keep a fast his life will be filled with joy and peace.

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 And here are the steps to please surya dev
>Wake up early in the morning and take a bath then offer water to the sun and make sure it is an rising sun.
>By offering red flower and sandalwood to surya dev you can please him.
>On Sundays put kumkum and red flowers in the water and offer it to the banyan tree with the presence of sun.
 > chanting the name of surya dev on Sundays is also consider very auspicious and it is believed that by chanting his name all the paths which were closed are open by just chanting his name.
> to strengthen the position of sun in you kundli one should fast on Sundays.
> shani dev is the son of the surya dev and because of it one can also please shani dev on Sundays as well by worshiping peepal trees and lighting lamps under it.
> offering food to cows on Sunday morning is consider very good.
> if you feed poor on Sundays the sury dev is very pleased by your helping nature and because of it he can bless you.

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