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Remove obstacles from life and grow financially with these measures of coconut

My Jyotish expert Updated 17 Oct 2021 08:22 PM IST
Coconut - Photo : Google
Coconut has great importance in the Sanatan tradition. The coconut used in food from worship is said to increase happiness and prosperity and remove all the problems related to life. Every auspicious work is started by breaking or offering coconut. Let us know about the great remedy related to coconut called ‘Shriphal’ –

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1. If any of your wishes have been incomplete for a long time and despite all the efforts it is not being fulfilled, then you can take great measures related to coconut. Take a coconut with hair, a little vermilion and sesame oil. Mix vermilion with sesame oil and give it a complete coconut color. After this, pray to Mother Ambe to fulfill this wish and at the same time chant ‘Om Eem Hreem Kan Hreem Ein Om’ for 15 minutes in such a low voice that no one else can hear.
2. If your lover or your girlfriend is getting angry and the situation has come to separate from each other, then you can take this remedy by taking a coconut, datura seeds and a little camphor to get over the problem. Firstly grind coconut and camphor. Then add some honey to it. Now every day before leaving the house, apply its tilak on the forehead. It is believed that by doing this remedy, the lover / girlfriend never leaves each other and the love-behavior remains between the two. 

3. If you are going through financial crisis then you can get her blessings by offering coconut, her favorite fruit to Mata Lakshmi. It is to be known that because of being very dear to Goddess Lakshmi, coconut is called quince. Like the makhana, it is also covered with a hard cover. By which it remains pure and holy. She is soon pleased by offering coconut laddus, raw coconut and coconut filled with water to Goddess Lakshmi. 

Grow financially by using these measures

4. If you feel heavy as soon as you enter the house or you yourself feel that all the troubles have surrounded the house, then tie a coconut in a black cloth and hang it outside the house. After doing this remedy, the evil eye at home will go away. 

5. Single coconut is very auspicious. Negative energies do not stay in the house where it is worshiped regularly. There is progress in the house day by day. People live happily. 

6. To make your worship successful and get the blessings of God, keep a coconut wrapped in a red cloth in your worship house. 

7. If the coconut offered in worship turns out to be bad, it does not mean that something inauspicious is going to happen, but it means that God has accepted the offerings, that is why it has completely dried up from inside. It is also considered a sign of fulfillment of wishes. On the other hand, if the coconut comes out right while cracking, then it should be distributed among all. It is considered auspicious to do so. 

8. If there is a continuous loss in business, then on Thursday, wrap a quince, one and a half meter yellow cloth and offer it on the idol of Lord Vishnu along with a pair of Janeu, one and a half feet of sweets. By doing this remedy, you will start getting good results. 

9. If there is Shani dosha in the horoscope, then to remove it, pour coconut in the running water of the river on seven Saturdays. While flowing the coconut, chant the mantra Om Ramdutay Namah. ( ॐ रामदूताय नम: ) 

10. To avoid diseases or evils, take a coconut containing water on Tuesday or Saturday and strike it 21 times on the person concerned. After this, offer that coconut in some Devasthan. Also, go to Hanuman ji temple and recite Hanuman Chalisa and offer Chola to him. 

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