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Know the right place to Stay and Leave according to Scriptures for Good fortune

My Jyotish Expert Updated 24 Aug 2021 03:30 PM IST
Places best for luck as per astrology
Places best for luck as per astrology - Photo : Google
A person may go across the seven seas in search of work, but did you know that there are specific regulations specified in the scriptures for living in any place? Read this article to learn more and get close to the right solution.

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Don't forget to stay in these places
Remember to stay in these locations:-

Every small thing relating to life has been taken care of in the Sanatan tradition through benevolence and auspiciousness. This is why, for every work, we have all types of guidelines in our religious writings, scriptures, and other sources that are relevant to our happiness, tranquilly, and wealth. When it comes to living in a certain location, astrology and Vastu provide a detailed explanation of which locations are auspicious and which are inauspicious, while religious scriptures also consider the circumstances of a location and people's behaviour.
‘Dhanik: Shrotriya Raja Nadi Vaidyastu Pancham.
Panchayatra na vidyante nor tatra dinam vaset.’
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A country or area in which a rich merchant, virtuous in rites and skilled in Vedas, priests and Brahmins, pious and just kings, pure flowing water signifies a river that supplies drinkable water or any of its tributaries, according to Acharya Chanakya, a policy expert. Chanakya, also known as Kautilya or Vishnu Gupta, was a Hindu statesman and philosopher who lived around 300 BCE and produced Artha-shastra (“The Science of Material Gain”), a collection of practically everything written about artha in India up to that time (property, economics, or material success). Even if there is no source available, we should not stop. That is, we should get out of there as soon as possible and go somewhere else.
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The approach of Acharya Chanakya has its own logic, because there will be very few job prospects in a country where there are no wealthy individuals. Similarly, if there are no competent people around, no one will be able to make any incorrect or correct decisions about you. Any state needs a skilled, just, and devout king; otherwise, autocracy will grow and no one will be able to stop anyone from doing wrong or right.
In the absence of a river with pure water or a place with a water source, water is the most necessary factor for life; therefore, there is no rationale for living there. A professional doctor, or in today's vernacular, a decent doctor, is required to diagnose some of these health-related issues. In such a case, there is no reason to dwell in a place where there are no good doctors or Vaidya.
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‘Lokyatra Bhayan Lajja Dakshinyam Sacrifice.
Panch yatra neither vidyante nor kuryattra sangtim.’
‘Yasmin Desh neither respect nor attitude and bandhva:
Neither c vidyagamopyasti vasastra nor karayet.’
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Fear, shame, and the desire to give charity should not be associated with situations where people are unable to earn a living, and they should be abandoned.
In a country where there is no respect, no work, no brother-in-law, and no opportunity for education, such a place should be abandoned immediately for better quality of life and peace according to the astrologist.

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