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Read Rinharta Ganpati Stotra To Free Yourself From Debts

My Jyotish Expert Updated 10 Sep 2021 06:13 PM IST
Ganesh Chaturthi 2021
Ganesh Chaturthi 2021 - Photo : Google
Read Rinharta Ganpati Stotra To Free Yourself From Debts
Many times when one is surrounded by difficult circumstances, they are forced to take loans in order to fulfill their needs despite trying very hard to manage otherwise. Taking a loan might help one for the time being or in the present but later it can become even more difficult to pay back. The interest keeps on adding to the loan which becomes so huge that paying it back becomes burdensome. If you too are struggling with such a situation, where paying back your loan is getting really difficult then read “Rinharta Ganpati Stotra” during the upcoming Ganesha Mahotsav. Ganesha festival which begins from 10th of September on which is Ganesha Chaturthi to Anant Chaturdashi which is on 19th September. Reading Rinharta Ganpati Stotra can free you from all the loans you took. It is also said that reciting it on a regular basis calms the mind and keeps the enemies away. Getting up early in the morning, taking a bath, and then reading it is believed to be best. Reciting it in the morning is considered to be more fruitful but if you are especially doing it to get free from debt then reading it twice would be an idol idea.

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During Ganesha or Ganpati Mahotsav, devotees bring Ganpati’s idol home with great zeal while dancing and singing. Devotees offer him a special place in their temple and worship him with great devotion and love. They offer Him His favorite Bhog or foods that he relishes especially His dearest, Modak along with Chappan Bhog. Hindu devotees strongly believe that worshipping him especially during the Ganesha festival eliminates all the sufferings and troubles of life and brings home happiness and prosperity. This year the Ganesha Mahotsav will start from Friday that is 10th September and last till Sunday,19th September. During this time bring Ganesha to your home or visit the places or pandal in the morning and evening and offer him prayers wherever He is set up with pure intentions and devotions. Also chant the Rinharta Ganpati Stotra in front of His idol. Along with chanting these prayers, pray that He frees you from all the debt. Those prayers offered with pure mind and intention are accepted by Lord Ganesha, and he makes sure to remove all the obstacles from His devotee's life.

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 Rinharta Ganpati Stotra
Dhyaan – Om sindoor varnam dwi-bhujam ganeshm lambodar padyam-dale neveshtam
Bhramari-devi em pari-sevyamaanam sidhayurtam tam pramaadi devam
Mool – Path
Srishty Aadau bhramnaa samyak pujitah phal-siddhye,
Sadaev parvati-putrah rin-naasham karotu me.
Tripurasya vdhaatah purvam shambhunaa samygarchitah,
Sadaev Parvati-putrah rin-naasham karotu me.
Hiranya-kashyap adheenam vadharthey vishnunarchitah,
Sadaev parvati-putrah rin-naasham karotu me.
Mahishasya vadhe devya gan-nathah prapujitah,
Sadaev parvati-putrah rin-naasham karotu me.
Tarkasya vadhaat purvam kumaren prapujitah,
Sadaev parvati-putrah rin-naasham karotu me.
Bhaskaren ganesho hi pujitshchavi-siddhaye,
Sadaev parvati-putrah rin-naasham karotu me
Shashina kanti-vr siddhartha pujito gan-nayakah,
Sadaev parvati-putrah rin-naasham karotu me.
Paalnaay cha tapsaam vishva-mitren pujitah,
Sadaev parvati-putrah rin-naasham karotu me.
Edam tvone-hari-stotram tivra-draidray-naashnam,
Ek-vaaram patthe-nityam  varshikam saamhitah,
Daridrayam daarunam tyaktvaa kuber-samtaam varjet

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