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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Samudrik Shastra: Girls with favorable signs and moles are considered to be very lucky

Samudrik Shastra: Girls with favorable signs and moles are considered to be very lucky

My jyotish expert Updated 28 Sep 2021 01:02 PM IST
Girls with Moles are lucky
Girls with Moles are lucky - Photo : Google
In Samudrik Shastra, forecasts are made based on the shape, shading, structure, and signs present on the body of an individual. The future, yet additionally the idea of an individual can be known from Samudrik Shastra. Here we will think about such young ladies whose having moles and favorable signs on these pieces of the body are viewed as a marker of their fortunate. Know what sort of young ladies are considered fortunate as indicated by oceanography.

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Young ladies who have dimples on their cheeks are considered extremely fortunate. It is said that there is no lack of cash and food in the existence of such young ladies. It is additionally viewed as favorable to have a dark mole on the cheeks of ladies. It is said that such ladies are rich. Ladies who have a greater number of moles on the left side than the right half of the body are considered fortunate for their families.
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Young ladies who have a mole on their temple, make their own way of achievement. The individuals who have a mole between their eyebrows are considered exceptionally fortunate. They typically get hitched to a rich individual. Ladies who have a mole to their right side or left side, are probably going to get accomplishment in each work. Ladies who have a mole on their ears are additionally thought to be exceptionally fortunate. Young ladies who have a mole on their brow get all the extravagances in life. Women who have a mole all the rage are viewed as extremely tolerant. They try sincerely and steadily accomplish great positions.
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As indicated by Samudrik Shastra, young ladies who have a conch shell, lotus, or chakra mark on their feet are considered extremely fortunate for their families. Young ladies who have a lotus image in their grasp are viewed as exceptionally fortunate as far as abundance. Young ladies who have the indication of Lord fish in their grasp are likewise fortunate for them as well as their relatives. Having an insignia image in the possession of young ladies is likewise viewed as a marker of their karma.

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