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Sawan 2022: know kanwar yatra history & rituals

My Jyotish Expert Updated 18 Jul 2022 11:22 AM IST
Sawan Kanwar Yatra 2021
Sawan Kanwar Yatra 2021 - Photo : GOOGLE
In Sawan, the Kanwar pilgrimage is fulfilled, all desires are received, and God's blessings
The Kanvad pilgrimage starts from the month of Sawan and ends on Sawan Shivratri. According to the Hindu calendar, there is a special religious journey starting in the month of Shravan (Sawan). In which saffron-clad Shiva devotees walk barefoot with a pitcher of holy water from the Ganges. The Kanwars begin the journey of collecting the Ganges water for the consecration of the Lord with devotion and reverence on their shoulders and this journey ends with Shiva Abhishek. The water filled in the Kanwar is used by the pilgrims to worship the Shivling in important temples in one's village or city. This form of Shiva worship has special significance in the areas around the Ganges. Similar to the Kanwar Yatra in North India, another important festival, called the Kavadi festival, is celebrated in Tamil Nadu in which Lord Murugan is worshipped.

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Old and young, children, women, and men all participate in this yatra during the month of Sawan. The holy sites of the Ganges like Gangotri, Gaumukh and Haridwar collect the Ganges water from the places of the confluence of holy rivers. Any idea can be behind this difficult journey, in the middle of which a strong thread of faith and faith is seen.

History of Kanwar Yatra:
The legend of the Kanvad ritual is associated with the churning of the ocean, which according to Hindu mythology, during the churning of the ocean, many divine objects emerge. Halahal means poison also comes out in all these things. Lord Shiva accepts it to save the living beings from this poison. Due to the effect of poison, the throat of Shiva turns blue, due to which his name is called Neelkanth. The effect of this poison is very high, to reduce the effect of the poison, all the deities offer water to Shiva and pacify this burning sensation, since then this practice started and even today devotees offer Kanwar to pay their respects to the Lord. Let the journey begin.
In some sources, the story of Kanwar Yatra is also believed to be related to Lord Parashurama. According to the legend, the first Kanwar Yatra was done by Parashurama. While passing through a place called 'Pura' in present-day Uttar Pradesh, he had a desire to lay the foundation of a Shiva temple there. It is said that he used to bring Gangajal for the worship of Shiva on every Monday of Shravan month, since then it is said that at the beginning of this Kanwar, then some can be seen connecting this Kanwar yatra with the era of Rawad and Shri Ram.

Different names of Kanvad:
Many types of names of Kanwar are also heard in Kanwar Yatra, in which common Kanwar, Khadi Kanwar, Dak Kanwar Tableau Kanwar etc. are prominent. The meaning of all these Kanwar Yatras is to show reverence to God as well as to get the blessings of Ishta. Kanwar Yatra is also a pilgrimage that fulfils all the wishes of the devotee.
To get rid of the problems of life and get the desired results, Kanwar can be seen travelling.
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